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Giblets: Microsoft starts nuking fake apps on Windows Store

Microsoft has begun to re-analyse their policies regarding app submissions to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store after a few online bloggers and one Forbes contributor pointed out how messed up the store has become with a huge amount of fake applications, fake services and fake fakes that are designed specifically to foist off your credit card details and charge you insane amounts of money for something that should be otherwise free. Microsoft says that they’ve “taken the feedback seriously” and will adjust the app certification requirements as a “first step toward better ensuring that apps are named and described in a way that doesn’t misrepresent their purpose.” So, no more paying $14.99 for VLC Player, then.

Source: Windows Blog

  • Alex Rowley

    Its kind of ridiculous that it’s taken this long to get them on it. There were so many Facebook apps that were asking for money.

    • Wesley Fick

      Winning the app numbers war was their only concern! xD

      Also, for one month last year they awarded $15,000 to the developer that submitted the most applications for that month. A lot of people tried to game that competition.

      • Alex Rowley

        haha and they thought a paid facebook app would win them something?
        Microsoft should be a lot more selective with their apps and focusing on getting the ones people actually want, the android market is huge but it’s flooded with a lot of crap and clones. quality over quantity is always better in my books.

  • BinaryMind

    Lol. Paying for VLC. That’s bad.

    • Wesley Fick

      Almost as bad as paying for WinRAR in 2014…


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