I’ve always had a soft spot for Icewind Dale, Black Isle’s other successful Dungeons & Dragons franchise that never quite had the same glamour as its Baldur brother. Icewind Dale took a more direct approach in comparison to Baldur’s Gate, favouring party customisation, tighter (but more linear) story-telling and massive combat scenarios in a setting of ice and desperation that was, at the time, a refreshing change from the standard tropes.

Now Wizards of the Coast and Beamdogs have announced an enhanced version of Icewind Dale in the same vein as the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced version released last year. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will feature new classes, new spells, content that never made the cut in the original game while packaging in both of its expansion packs. You can pre-order from the newly launched site if you’re interested; check out the announcement after the jump.

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