So this is Episode 6, ladies and gents! The audio is mostly fixed (thanks a million times to Jeronkey for helping us with this) and we finally have it here for you to listen to! Hit the jump and sit back for a hilarious hour and a half of Miklos gushing about the Witcher 3, German sausage and me making a fool of myself towards the end. The Youtube video will be up on Monday as Geoff is off for today and he is the keymaster for everything at NAG.

Strange Things Happen When We Gather Together:

Episode 6 – Recorded on 27 August 2014.

Direct Download: Linky

Hosts: Wesley Fick, Mark Del, Matthew Fick, Miklos Szecsei

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00:50 Miklos introduces himself

On NAG Online:

2:50 WIN: even more delightful DVDs

4:40 Mikit in Germany! For Gamescom! And Beer!

26:30 Indie Showcase: Hexcells / Hexcells Plus

31:00 9 Most Important Titles Of The Last 20 Years (To Me, Anyway)

44:00 System Builders Guide: August R20,000 to R30,000

News Items of interest:

52:00 Amazon (not Google) has just bought Twitch

55:40 Polytron website hacked, Fish’s personal info leaked

1:01:30 Crystal Dynamics “didn’t intend to cause any confusion”

1:13:00 Tekken publisher to make Pokkén Tournament fighter

What Are You Playing?

1:18:00 Delano: Closure (but if Chris asks, I’m still playing Sonic and all those game engines)

Matthew: Path of Exile. You should ALL play Path of Exile.

Wesley: Gran Turismo 6 (Because I lost all of my game progress…)

On the internet:

1:28:50 EA wants $1 Billion from DLC sales for the next year

More stuff like this: