One of the more eye-catching debuts at this year’s Gamescom was rollercoaster creation game ScreamRide. The game is being created by Frontier Developments – the same team behind Zoo Tycoon and upcoming space simulator Elite: Dangerous.

The Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive allows players to create their own rollercoasters to send hapless NPC riders to their very likely demise. I’m pretty sure that’s not the objective here, but there’s something macabrely appealing about the little alerts saying “Rider Ejected” as your latest harebrained deathtrap barrels its way around a track.

Did I mention there’s also building demolition in the game? Because that seems to be a thing that’s wildly entertaining: watching rollercoasters fly off the rails (that you just happened to neglect to finish) and smashing into skyscrapers. Hit a building at the right spot and the whole thing comes tumbling down. Again, I’m not too sure whether this is the objective, but it looks like sadistic, destructive fun and I’m always down for a spot of that.

Below you can check out Xbox LIVE’s Larry Hryb as he catches up with executive producer Jorg Neumann to chat about the game’s creation tools. ScreamRide is out in 2015.

Source: Major Nelson

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