This time next week many of you will be up to your waists in monster entrails, unexplored regions, crafting ingredients, potential romance subplots, and an ever-growing list of side quests. One of this year’s most anticipated (the most anticipated?) titles, CD Projekt’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is out on 19 May, and if you listen carefully you can probably hear the last shred of your social life whimpering and rocking itself in a corner.

With the game a mere four days away, we’ve come to the end of the seemingly endless parade of promotional material that peppers any anticipated game’s impending release. What are we going to froth at the mouth for now?

CD Projekt has pretty much saved, in my opinion, the best piece of Witcher 3 promotional material for last. This new CGI trailer, entitled “A Night to Remember” is one of the best game trailers I’ve seen in ages. It’s got to be right up there with that initial Dead Island reveal, and pretty much EVERYTHING Blizzard has ever produced. Hit the jump and be wowed; it’s an amazing piece of creativity.

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