If you’re using a Radeon graphics card based on the GCN architecture, and you’re also currently playing Project Cars or Witcher 3, you might want to upgrade to the Catalyst 15.5 beta drivers, available now from AMD’s site. These drivers build imcrementally over the 15.4 beta drivers released last month, but there are still some lingering issues that AMD has to fix, like flickering in Witcher 3 with Crossfired systems. You can try renaming the game’s .exe file to “TESV.exe” to force it to use the Skyrim profile to improve performance, but there’s a much greater chance that you’ll run into microstutter. In Witcher 3, you can look forward to performance improvements around the order of 10% for single-GPU systems, while Project Cars will see a performance boost up to a possible 17% depending on your hardware setup.

Download the drivers: AMD Catalyst 15.5 Beta

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