Ha! You thought Warner Bros. and NetherRealm were done belching DLC characters into your Mortal Kombat X roster. Silly you.

According to franchise creator Ed Boon’s Twitter account, there are four new characters coming to this year’s excellent dismemberment simulator, Mortal Kombat X. When are they coming? Well, there’s a bit of a wait for that: “the first half of 2016” is the only indication we’ve got. That’s quite a way away, but then again Warner Bros. probably wants to space DLC out considering this next batch of fighters isn’t part of the original Season Pass. We’ll keep you posted regarding character reveals, dates and pricing.

Is it just me, or does the character silhouette second from the left kind of have a Wolverine hairstyle going on? THAT would be cool. Unlikely, but pretty damn cool.

Via: Shacknews

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