Derivco 1

I usually try to be more creative with my rAge article headlines, but I think this one will do. It’s enough to express the simple truth that at rAge 2015 there will be a Derivco stand with controllable robots. Hit the jump for more information about what Derivco is bringing to the show.

Derivco is a tech company based in sunny Durban, and they are currently working on numerous games, augmented-reality (AR) technologies and various robotics-y things. If you’re interested in the development of games and other software, then definitely take a look at their stand. A quick glance around their website shows their determination in nurturing local development, and teaching others about various branches of IT.

But let’s face it: you’re here for the robot arms, aren’t you? Derivco invites expo-goers (expoers?) to check out the robotic arms at their stand, each of which is controllable via a smartphone. Apparently they’ll have some AR tech on display as well. They’ll also be running a competition, giving away robotic arm kits to five lucky winners. All you need to do is get yourself a water from their stand, enter your details, and you might win a robot arm to high-five you after an epic frag-streak.

Derivco 2

Check out Derivco at stand 78D. Be sure to visit the rAge 2015 website for any additional info on the expo.

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