The first helping of Witcher 3 DLC (sorry, expansions) was good! It felt superfluous in the grander scheme of things, but it was still good! The second helping, however, is poised to be enormous as it introduces a new region and 20+ hours of new story gameplay.

Blood and Wine is due out in “the first half of 2016”; sadly there is nothing more concrete than that. However, we do have the first two screenshots of the new region known as Toussaint. This region is, according to CD Projekt,  “a land untainted by war”, which explains why it looks so warm and inviting in the two screenshots that you can find after the jump.

A lot more colour on display here, no? Blood and Wine is part of the $25 Season Pass (sorry, Expansion Pass), but it will be available on its own closer to release date for $19.99.

Source: The Witcher

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