I quite like Risk of Rain. And by “like”, I mean “I spent a great deal of time obsessing over this thing and eventually had to force myself to stop playing it because people were starting to ask questions about why I’d stopped leaving the house”.

Developer Hopoo Games is currently hard at work on its next game, Deadbolt, and the other day they released a trailer to show it off. Let’s have a look at it.

In case you’re unable to watch that right now, it’s an action-packed side-scrolling shooter with stealth elements. The premise is that you’re the Grim Reaper, and you’re upset by the fact that the undead aren’t staying dead, which is making you look a right fool. So you set out to kill them all again.

It’s got a Hotline Miami vibe about it, as you map out the best way to dispose of your targets, using the level to your advantage as you go. Grab a table to use as cover, turn off the lights to create confusion, insta-travel through air vents and burst forth from toilets like the professional pee-covered assassin you are. It looks like good fun!

Deadbolt is listed for release within the next few months.

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