Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft’s new, Stone Age (new Stone Age… heh) take on the now long-running series, is set to unleash all manner of tamed animal and blunt instrument on us in the coming weeks. You know what that means! It’s time for bizarre marketing stunts and an endless cascade of trailers and interviews.

Here’s the first odd marketing stunt: you can (well, you can if you’re in the EU at least) enter a competition to win a night in a cave. It’s called the “Cavebnb Promo”. We’re not sure what the “bnb” bit is; maybe “bed and breakfast”? Yeah, that’s probably it: Cave, Bed & Breakfast. Or something.

Anyway, there’s a weird trailer for it after that jump. It implies that you’ll get to sleep in animal skins on the ground (in the middle of an EU winter) in a cave. You’ll also get to eat worms and poop wherever you want. Sounds awful!

Side note: camping is dumb.

Via: Eurogamer

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