Ashes of the Singularity is a real-time strategy game that aims to mimic the ludicrous scale of warfare seen in titles like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. That means it automatically has my attention. I’ve not yet played it, but I feel pretty strongly that any RTS that’s willing to give me control over hundreds/thousands/MILLIONS of units at any given moment is worth a look. Yes, I’m easily convinced.

The game’s now got a launch date and a new trailer in tow.

YOU THOUGHT THINGS, BUT YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT THEM. Yes, the trailer doesn’t really show much of what the game will actually entail, but it’s still pretty swish. As you no doubt noticed, it’s out on March 31st. If you simply can’t wait until then, you can grab it right now via Steam Early Access for R489.

If you’d like to see Ashes of the Singularity in more detail, check out this showcase of the game’s DirectX 12 capabilities from last year:

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