Party Saboteurs is immediately interesting, mostly because I’m just awful at multitasking. Seriously, I’m the worst. I’m constantly amazed by the fact that I’m able to type and breathe at the same time. Party Saboteurs is all about the multitasking, which is probably why I love the idea of it. Remember kids: sucking at something doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and have a blast with it anyway. YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO and all that.

The gist of it is this: you’re a spy at a cocktail party, and it’s your job to do… stuff. Get the job done, be the best spy you can be, etc. Do what you’ve got to do to complete the objectives without being detected, is what I’m getting at. The thing is, you’re also a sniper, and it’s your job to do… other stuff. Get the job done, be the best sniper you can be, etc. Do what you’ve got to do to detect the enemy spies at the party and mercilessly eliminate them, is what I’m getting at. Sound interesting? Then watch this trailer:

There’s a single-player mode, but the devs say it’s currently very barebones. The true focus of the game is its local multiplayer for up to four players (or eight, if people share controllers), wherein you’re expected to attempt to blend in with the AI-controlled partygoers while simultaneously searching for any suspicious activity from your opponents’ spies. Choose one too many wrong targets and you’ll have your licence to kill revoked.

The game is currently in Early Access, so if you’re not willing to wait for its full release, you can grab it right now for R109.

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