Two legendary former id Software developers have reunited to bring a new FPS to the world. Titled Blackroom, the game will be set in a virtual reality environment that has malfunctioned. It seems reminiscent of those old Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes where the characters get trapped in a dangerous holodeck.

Blackroom promises to follow the guidelines set by the older generation of FPSes, and as such it’ll be fast-paced and extremely violent. Romero and Carmack claim the single-player campaign will be in excess of ten hours and will transport us to a variety of locations, from pirate ships to haunted mansions.

On the multiplayer side of things, the game looks set to embrace old-school, arena-style deathmatch, with an equally eclectic selection of locales in which to fight. A co-op mode is also planned.

The studio handling development is called Night Work Games and they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $700,000 within the next 31 days. If it succeeds, we can expect Blackroom around the middle of 2018.

Check out the game’s concept pitch below.

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