Respawn Star Wars

In a blog post on, Stig Asmussen announced that Respawn Entertainment will be working on a new Star Wars game. While details are still scarce, his post conveys a great deal of passion and excitement for the project. Hit the jump (to lightspeed) for more.

In the post, Asmussen confirms that the new game will be a “third-person action/adventure”. That’s an incredibly broad genre, so there’s no telling what we can expect. With the announcement, Respawn is leaving the field wide open for speculation. The studio is also expanding and their careers page has several new job postings.

As mentioned above, the post is filled with barely-contained excitement and passion for Star Wars. As Asmussen put it: “The entire company erupted in cheers when it was announced that this would be our next endeavor.”

Respawn Entertainment, in case you don’t know, was founded by the founding members of Infinity Ward, the studio that created Call of Duty. Their only release so far is the well-received multiplayer shooter Titanfall, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to sci-fi action. Furthermore, Stig Asmussen has a long history with Sony, and was the game director for God of War III.

Source: Respawn blog

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