richard garriott

It’s just what you never knew you… never wanted. Ultima creator, part-time astronaut, and now probably patient zero for some future pandemic Richard Garriott is selling his body fluids on eBay. For $5000 (about R75,000), you can buy a “Lord British Blood Reliquary“, which contains some of Garriott’s actual, legit, for real-real blood, plus a heap of stuff for Shroud of the Avatar, his next game.

I’d love to have been in that marketing meeting.

“The Lord British Blood Reliquary is a beautiful and unique piece of art made of bakelite, copper, nails, glass, and mirrored glass that can be hung on your wall,” the description reads.

“It contains the ‘Blood of Lord British’ which was collected and recorded in this video [see below]. There are only six of these rare jewels so do not hesitate to make this your own.”

At press time, nobody has made a bid.

Via Kotaku.

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