Upcoming police management sim This Is the Police has been delayed, missing its intended release date by a week. The reason for this isn’t down to adding polish or missing deadlines, but because its publishers forgot to publish it. It could happen to anyone, I guess?

The responsible party, EuroVideo Medien, issued a statement and an apology, which you can read in full on the game’s Steam page. The gist of it is that EuroVideo was meant to “hit a button” to submit This Is the Police to Steam’s quality and standards test. The process takes two to five days, but EuroVideo forgot to hit said button. By the time they realised their mistake, it was too late to undergo the quality checks and meet their original release date.

This Is the Police will now launch on 2 August. It casts players as a police chief who must save $500,000 in six months to improve his retirement fund. The game promises tough decisions and multiple ways to play.

Source: Steam

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