just sing

Because it’s not a party until everybody gets drunk and sings Queen songs, Ubisoft has announced Just Sing for PS4 and Xbox, and – baby, can’t you see – it includes Queen’s I Want To Break Free. And loads of other songs, but I’ve fallen in love, I’ve fallen in love for the first time, and this time I know it’s for reeeeeal.

Just Sing features more than 40 songs and, much like Sony’s own SingStar, will support using Android and iOS devices as mics. The game also lets you lip-sync instead of actually singing, and comes with a companion app so you can film your friends doing Justin Bieber impersonations and share the videos on social media to embarrass them in front of potential dates. I mean, you don’t have to, but you could.

It’s out next month, on 6 September.

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