FO4 Nuka World

The DLC run for Fallout 4 is coming to an end with Nuka-World, and Bethesda almost certainly left the best for last. At least if the latest bit of gameplay footage is anything to go by. Which it is.

Included in the Nuka-World DLC is a new region called – you guessed it – Nuka-World, and it’s essentially a massive Nuka-Cola theme park. Also included are new creatures, weapons, quests, raiders, and most exciting of all, the ability to become a raider and conquer the settlements you spent all those months building.

“Hop on the Nuka-Express for a trip to Nuka-World… America’s Favorite Vacation Destination,” reads the video’s description. I’m sure it’s all really fun and dandy, but the eerily-catchy tune, anthropomorphic cap and bottle, and abandoned rides kinda give me the creeps.

Nuka-World will be coming to PC, PS4 and XBO on 30 August. Pre-ordering will cost you R309.99, or you can grab it as part of the Season Pass for R899.00.

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