So, this is a thing. Users over on Reddit have discovered that you can jack the PSVR into an Xbox One, PC, or even Wii U HDMI port, and – alakashazam-o-blam! – it totally works. But it’s, uh, not proper virtual reality. Instead, the PSVR projects the on-screen display in its Cinematic Mode, so it’s basically just… a regular on-screen display. But all up in your face, like.

The guys at Polygon tested it out, and confirmed that using it like this, there’s no head-tracking or other VR razzle-dazzle, and image quality is not quite up to par with a regular HDTV. They couldn’t get it to work on PC, however, but somebody at GamesRadar did. Huh.

Although future PSVR support on other consoles is an exceedingly dubious prospect for obvious reasons, it’s entirely possible that some enterprising nerd will develop drivers to unlock its technimagical VR sorcery on PC. Or you could just spin around until you vomit, and save yourself R8000.

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