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If you NAGlings reading this are one of the millions of gamers currently using Steam, please pay attention. A security workaround has been discovered in Valve’s Steam Guard software that allows unauthorised access to your Steam account. Although the workaround is not a hack into Valve’s Steam client or its online services, it is a phishing attack that requires you to upload a file to the attacker pretending to be Valve. Hit the jump for more information.

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easter bunny

Hello once more NAGykees, and thanks for coming back for this Easter special This Week In Gaming. Why is it an Easter special? Because today’s Friday, not Saturday. Yeah, that’s it basically. Also there’s an Easter bunny up there, so I suppose there’s that. Anyway, this week we have some exciting news for people who like to take extended “bathroom” breaks at work, some internal gossip on Titanfall dev Respawn Entertainment, some facts on Steam that will make you feel less lonely, and Microsoft is making a new game. Maybe. There’s other stuff too, but it’s a long weekend and this summary is long enough to not look too suspicious to the editors – at a glance, anyway. So, stuff your face with chocolate and hit the jump.

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Long-time partners Sony and Square Enix look set for a bit of a break-up as Sony will, in days to come, be selling all of its shares in a company that appeared at the beginning of the year to have turned its fortunes around, but is still trading lower than its all-time high in 2000.

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Steam has always been a little… opaque when it comes to its numbers, both for sales figures and user activity. The inner workings that drive its infernal money vortex have been well-hidden from prying eyes, barring the occasional escaped squeak of its gears and pistons greased by the tears and blood of developers.

Well, no more. While certainly not official by any means, Ars Technica has prepared a very thorough analysis of Steam activity based on readily available information from Steam user pages (currently at around 172 million user IDs), and random sampling of 100,000 pages a day to get an idea of everything from the most-owned versus most-played games, time spent in multiplayer versus single-player, and other interesting facts.

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If you’re one of the many thousands of South Africans using a DNS service like Unotelly to access online streaming services like Netflix, be warned that there is a e-mail scam doing the rounds that asks people to either call a toll-free US-based number for more help, or to log into a fake website to enter your username and password details to keep your account active. Just like those utterly retarded Blackberry chain messages that say you need to spam fifteen friends to keep your account open, don’t trust any e-mails ostensibly sent to you by Netflix that use Uppercase Letters For Every Word In A Sentence and have poor grammar.


BioShock Infinite didn’t win very many awards for outstanding gameplay; it was a pretty generic first-person shooter that played it safe and didn’t stray too far from the BioShock formula. It did, however, perfect the AI companion. We all hate AI companions, but Irrational Games went out of their way to ensure that Elizabeth would be highlighted as the quintessential AI companion for years to come.

She did, however, go through a bunch of visual changes over the development period. Website IGN has just shared a video detailing the evolution of Elizabeth, who originally started out as a much older, mute woman who could control the weather. Nobody has seen that Elizabeth before; she was simply referred to as the “Gibson Girl” back then.

Additionally, a Reddit thread has shared a neat evolution picture, part of which you can see above in the header image. Full picture and evolution video after the jump.

Booker, catch!

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heartbleed bud

Although Heartbleed has been patched out of most websites in the last week following the revelations that OpenSSL had a bug that allowed anyone to steal information from websites, most companies have not yet reported if their information was compromised or not, as Heartbleed leaves no trace of its intrusion. However, two websites have since come forward after patching the bug and revealed that they have detected unauthorised access to their servers and services and that user information had been stolen. Neither of these sites are based in South Africa, but the way the attacks were carried out is very interesting.

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Fo’ shizzle in the whizzle my nizzle. Yeah, I don’t know, I heard that somewhere. First the Predator and now this: everyone’s favourite pot-smoking, fake-word-making, name changing rapper (or is he a hip hop artist? I can’t keep up) Snoop Dogg is coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts. He’s coming as a new announcer via a DLC pack for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Yes, Snoop Dogg as a Call of Duty: Ghosts announcer. So basically he’ll be saying stuff like: “Ballistic vest ready; those are some fine-ass threads,” and “you got dat spitfire drone ready.” I’m not sure whether this makes the game infinitely more appealing, or a little more depressing.

All the lines that Snoop Dogg has been recording with Infinity Ward were scripted by the developer. The DLC will be out on Xbox LIVE on 22 April. It’ll presumably hit other platforms shortly after that. You dig? (I’m pulling a “West Side” hand gesture right now – that’s still relevant, right?) Trailer after the jump.

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Now that Facebook owns Oculus VR, all sorts of people (and companies) have taken note of the gaming peripheral. Instead of the head-mounted virtual reality unit being branded a gaming device, it’s being branded as a new platform. Kind of like how smart phones were a new platform a while ago. That’s a big deal.

So this news is probably the first of many practical, real-world applications for this upcoming piece of tech. Atlantic Productions and Sky HD have revealed that their new nature documentary Conquest of the Skies (working title), which is presented by Sir David Attenborough, will be coming to the Oculus Rift.

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Today is the launch of the big Feature Pack for Guild Wars 2 which dramatically overhauls so many of the game’s systems it’s basically a 2.0 release.

Just some of the changes:

  • The Trait system has been simplified to make retraining on the fly easier (and free). There are new Traits added for every class to expand build options, which you need to go hunt down in the world.
  • All skins and dyes are now account-bound, and applied easily through the new Wardrobe system.
  • A few Player vs Player systems has been overhauled, with new Reward Tracks added to make PvP more lucrative. A new team deathmatch map has been added (Custom Server only).
  • Also being rolled out is the Megaserver system, which will be applied to the PvP lobby and low population maps at first. The Megaserver system’s goals is to keep all the maps populated by dynamically and seamlessly bringing players from across all servers together on to the same map, instead of people running around on their server’s instance of the map.

You can read the full rundown of all the changes over at the Features patch page, but be warned: it’s a lot of info. An easier option is this humorous comic detailing some of the changes made by a user on NeoGAF.



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