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Today’s prize feels evergreen, as though it’s a gift that’ll keep on giving. Like a birthday sparkler that just keeps burns and burns, tirelessly delivering a daily sense of excitement for months on end. Twelve months, to be exact.

Now that I’ve fashioned a tenuous link to the prize below the break, shall we begin?

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The end rapidly approaches. Soon, you’ll have to return to your ordinary life, minus the daily joys brought by 24 Days of Giving. But! Don’t let that get you down. Today we’re unleashing a torrent of STUFF!

If you like STUFF, let’s travel further.

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Yeah, you read that right. An adventure game set in the Minecraft universe is headed our way. It’ll be spearheaded by none other than Telltale Games, who seem to be keen on producing point-n-clickers in various game continuities, as evident in their recent effort that was Tales From The Borderlands. The game was announced by Mojang via an interactive, 8-bit press release game called Info Quest II.

Very little is known about the game, tentatively titled Minecraft: Story Mode. Mojang themselves are apparently working closely with Telltale Games, and all they’ve said is that it won’t be starring the seminal Steve. The title will be released sometime in 2015 and will feature on the PC, OS X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Android and iOS devices.

Source: Info Quest II



The third and final monster for Evolve has been unveiled: meet the Wraith. She’s a teleporting, decoy creating abductor who lacks the armoured fortitude of the Goliath and the Kraken, but makes up for it in sneakiness.

We can see the Wraith’s Abduction skill becoming a game changer. How it works: you line up your reticule on some unsuspecting hunter, hit the RB button and, if your “shot” hits, you’ll instantly teleport to the target, snatch him or her up, and teleport back to where you originally took the shot from. Obvously, the further away you are when you trigger the Abduction skill, the better. You’ll be able to isolate particularly troublesome hunters and then maul them to death while they’re separated from the rest of the gang. On the other side of the fence, playing as hunters, that just sounds kind of terrifying.

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The zombies! They’re coming! No, not really, but day 19 is a “what if?” sort of day. What if there was a zombie apocalypse? Would a motorcycle be the best choice for transportation? It’s not great for protection (or stealth, for that matter), but it sure does make you look like a badass. And personal appearance clearly means everything in the zombie apocalypse.

Ignore the rambling, and step through this jumpgate.

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Talk about a sneaky release. Outcast, an open world science-fiction action game from 1999, has appeared on Steam as Outcast 1.1. About a year and a half ago, the original creators of Outcast managed to secure the rights to the game from the defunct publisher Infogrames. They formed a new studio called Fresh3D and planned to revive the series, but their Kickstarter campaign failed to meet funding goals. After that happened, the studio went dark.

It turns out that they were still pretty busy during the months of silence, because by around 6PM local time today, you’ll be able to buy Outcast 1.1 on Steam. The re-release features native controller support, an improved AI, a boosted resolution (from the game’s original maximum of 640×480 – how adorable!) and a number of other nips and tucks.

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As readers of the site are no doubt aware, one of my shameful pleasures is mobile games you have to pay for. I know, right? What a chump. Whether it’s locally-grown mobile FPS shooters, haunting piano cadenzas, or minimalist word play, I’m a sucker for a well-designed mobile game. I’ve watched people faun over 80 Days on iOS with some envy, being of the Samsung clan and therefore unclean and undeserving of what many consider one of the best narrative games of the year; but I need grit my teeth no longer with its release on Android for R55.

80 Days takes place in a steampunk’esque 1872 and sets you as the humble valet of one Phileas Fogg, who’s bet with his chums that it’s no major challenge to circumnavigate the world in a — frankly — generous eighty days. I’m paraphrasing what I imagine Fogg would have said to his friends and colleagues, because Fogg’s actually a bit of a wet rag and it’s up to you to get him through over 150 cities and a massive amount of available events and choices while balancing your time and resources in real-time.

Check out the Android page for more. Also, consider Deemo, Spelltower and Neon Shadow in light of my abysmal advice in the otherwise useful What to Play During Load-Shedding article.


We haven’t really featured this game on NAG Online as yet, but that’s about to be fixed. Taking a leaf out of Telltale’s book, Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment (the team behind dystopian science-fiction title Remember Me) are poised to release a new episodic adventure series called Life is Strange.

In the game, players take on the role of Max, a high-school student who witnesses the murder of her childhood friend Chloe. Luckily for Chloe, Max discovers she has the power to rewind time. That, however, is just the start of a whole bunch of strange occurrences that wrack the small town of Arcadia Bay.

The game has been described as a Twin Peaks meets Heavy Rain kind of vibe, which, to be frank, sounds bloody great. You can check out the first trailer after the jump.

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We love toys! We love video games! Anything that combines the two is therefore automatically the second-best thing ever. Given that you’re still reading this, we’re assuming you’ve a great love for toys and video games as well, and would happily trade your adorable pet turtle Señor Sniffles for a chance to see the two combined.

In case you’re wondering, if we had to choose a first-best thing, it’d probably be sweets. Yay sweets!

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Here’s some feel-good news for all of us video game nerds: Humble Bundle has announced that they’ve managed to raise $50 million for charities since the initiative started four years ago. The news came via a post on the organisation’s blog which also linked to a YouTube video expressing thanks from the Humble Bundle team and the more than 50 charities that benefited from the funds.

“When you purchase one of our bundles,” a statement read, “you choose where your money goes — between content creators, charity, and Humble Bundle. In four short years, the Humble Bundle community has already donated more than $50 million to charity, and we’re continually impressed by your generosity.”

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