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Terms Of Service

The NAG forums are provided as a free value added service and no magazine purchase or subscription is required to apply for an account, nor does any purchase or subscription entitle the customer to an account. Abuse of this free service may be punished with account suspension or termination at the discretion of the forum administrators.

The NAG forums are an unrated, open community. Forum administrators use their judgment in maintaining common decency standards but cannot control all user-created content, so some adult material may be present without prior notice on the forums. Content on the forums is not considered official content published by NAG.

All statements on the forums, including those by made by NAG staff, are made in personal or private capacity except where indicated by a forum administrator. No information of any kind should be considered to be made in a professional capacity or as an agent of NAG unless otherwise indicated by a forum administrator.

Due to the difficulty in verifying user identities and potential security issues, NAG reserves the right to deny, contradict, rescind, retract, or ignore any statement made by any user of the forums, including those indicated to be NAG.

Administrative decisions regarding policies, statements, or actions on the forums by the senior forum administrator are considered final, and may not be appealed to NAG management.

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