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Thread: HELLO [Official newcomer introductions thread] (Not for chatting)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
    G'day there @gimli (Gimli was cooler than Aragorn anyway) I actually used to live in East London for a very long time. How is the gaming scene there these days? When I lived there between 2005-2008 it was almost non existent, with only the CNA in Vincent Park Shopping centre having the latest games.
    Hey man . Gimli has a sick attitude and so does his axe. I wasn't in east london in that period was in capetown for a while , but before that i was. So i know what you are talking about. I came back about 3 years ago. So there BTGAMES i dont think they were around back then, in vincent park probably the only dedicated place in town pricey but they have all the new good stuff . Then musica , hemingways also has a few halfbeed stores. So its better than it was. Though il admit my best finds are a;ways still thrifting through places like cash crusaders , 20 - 40 bucks a game and sometimes recent releases. They dont know how much cash they lose on selling games like that lol. Incredibly corrupt still tries to pawn off semi old games at prices equivalent to new releases.

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    That's good to hear, at least they have a BT Games now. Wish they were there before lol. But I buy all my games online now either by digital platforms like Steam/Blizzard/Humble and if I want physical I just use Raru now.

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    Greetings NAG type people!

    MODS PLEASE don't delete this before contacting me!!!!
    ((MAYBE some one will be kind enough to move this to its own thread)) ?

    I'm a full time coder, have been since 1985 ...

    Know many languages currently using C# ....mainly to pay the bills but also cos i can use it in Unity

    I am director of a company in Cresta and want to give back to the world....Pay it foward time....

    Is there anyone that is currently unemployed that wants to learn to code?

    I will teach you for free gratis and for Niks, just get your ass to company and i will spend time with you and get you going

    I cannot give you a certificate BUT something MUCH BETTER ....Once you are proficient ill give you tasks to do
    so that i can give you a reference saying "jonny has developed the following program running on this DB using these
    tools and masterign the following technology "

    Which believe me in todays world is much better than a degree or certificate anyway

    Oh and of cos if u want to learn how to code with unity , Maya or 3ds max would be a good place to start

    Anyone interested ?

    MODS PLS contant me if u think this is fake ITS NOT ill gladly chat to you

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