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Thread: The Dream Thread.

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    "Also kind of had the falling-dream feeling each time but not in the scary I am falling-to-my-death way."

    "I had a dream where I was falling into some great abyss with a small flicker of light at the bottom."

    I always have falling dreams. I'm usually walking on something that requires me to balance, but either side of me is just darkness. Then I misplace my foot and just fall and fall forever into this complete darkness. Nothing else. I usually wake up immediately after that.

    "I regularly have dreams in which I suddenly remember I have an art prac due in the morning, and I haven't even started yet. Problem is I finished school 12 years ago :/"

    I have a reoccuring dream where I'm back in Matric and I'm writing my end exams in the school hall. There's no stress though. Usually, in the dream I'm busy with some or other maths exam and I just couldn't give a rat's ass. I'm just like, "Oh well, dunno what's going on here, whatever...". That's kind of exactly what happened too. I finished school 5 years ago so I have no clue why I keep dreaming about this cr*p.

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    Had a dream two or three days ago, probably dreamt loads of other things but the part I remember
    was kind of upsetting. We were just a bunch of people standing around somewhere, I didn't know any of the people there. Suddenly someone got a heart attack and a young man checked his pulse and said that he had no pulse. The young man was on his knees panicking for someone to help. I thought 'I can't do anything, I don't even know CPR, besides it's not my problem'.

    That's all I remember.

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    I think there are certain dreams that most people will have, based on surroundings and circumstances. For example, I often have the dream of having an exam in Matric (or something similar) and I am stressing since I didn't study. Or I am late for the class altogether. This still happens, even though I have finished school years ago. Thus, since most of us went through the education system in a similar fashion, we would have similar dreams.

    Others are a bit more complex, such as the dream of flying. It is probably just a psychological extension of the human condition, since no one can really fly. Of course, this is just speculation, but I really enjoy dreams and the ideas behind them. :D

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    I always have dreams of the future. Like, I will dream and a few days later I will live that moment. Sort of like deja vu, but I know for a fact that I dreamed that very scene.

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    That's happened to me on a few occasions as well. It's a very unnerving experience. The moment where you realise that you've been in this situation before, even though you haven't physically, it feels as if you start watching it unfold from a third person's perspective. I'm always creeps out when I say what the next person is going to before they do, word for word, in the exact tone of voice in my head.

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    I had a dream the other night where we had to get a groom to a wedding but the bride's ex didn't want them to get married so he dropped these purple crystals from a big space ship type thing, when the crystals hit the earth they turn everyone around them evil, and by that I mean their eyes glow purple and they get strange powers to try and stop the groom to get to the wedding.

    I got him safe and sound to the wedding, my dreams ****ing rock!

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    I had this really insane dream where everyone was kind of partying in the streets of a city but the streets were filled with water till about waist height. Then suddenly all gravity went and people started floating in the air screaming and crying for hope. Then things started exploding everywhere [similar to the scene in Inception].

    What was so amazing about the dream was how cool the people were, but they all instantly changed their mood and became really serious as soon as gravity went. AMAZING!


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    Had a very weird dream last night ,I dreamt that my 2 front teeth were highly magnetic and my lower jaw was metallic and I couldn't pry my mouth open.Even after waking I still had to grab my lower jaw with my hand to "prove" to myself that my jaw was movable,for a while after that my jaw felt "heavy" as if the jaw muscles couldn't move it . Very bleh :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01DT!m3r View Post
    Had a very weird dream last night ,I dreamt that my 2 front teeth were highly magnetic and my lower jaw was metallic and I couldn't pry my mouth open.Even after waking I still had to grab my lower jaw with my hand to "prove" to myself that my jaw was movable,for a while after that my jaw felt "heavy" as if the jaw muscles couldn't move it . Very bleh :/
    Talking about your jaw like that reminds me of a weird dream I had a while back. I can't remember how it happened but, I had whole eggs in my mouth (shell and all) and I started chewing. I could feel the shells crunching in my mouth and the raw egging oozing out. It was gross. When I woke up, I could swear I had the taste of raw egg in my mouth...yuck!

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    I dreamt this weekend that I was situated in Uganda, among Kony and his gaiz, and they were preparing to execute a whole bunch of kids. Alongside me was my girlfriend, all emotional and sad and everything and I wasn't prepared to let her down. So there he was - Kony with his goons, standing there first talking to the kids and how they will be shot. Here I am, sitting a few meters from the execution line with an AK-47 in my hands, and the soldiers are trusting me. So I decide to take a shot at Kony, you know, to kill him once and for all, before the kids could be executed, but upon inspection my AR has no magazine and no ammunition. So I walk over to a soldier and ask him for some spare rounds so I can help the shooting of the kids, and at first he has this skeptic look on his face. Then I make a joke about the killings and he loosened up, reached into his pocket and handed me about 20 of the most beautiful 7.62x39 rounds I've ever seen. They had this sharp, clean, dark silver shine with pure silver (like surgical steel) bullets. They were warm to the touch and easily the smoothest bullets I've ever held. I remember being so fascinated by them that I took a long time loading them into the magazine I suddenly now had in my hands. The magazine was the usual AR mag, but for some reason I loaded it like you would a revolver's cylinder (you know, in a circle shape). Still, when holding it up it looked like the AR mag for the AK-47. Anyway, I took so long with the reloading that by the time I had inserted all the rounds I had into the mag the soldiers had already lined up the kids for execution, which is uncommon as I can load bullets quite fast in those type of mags (I've had some practice). I remember getting this heavy feeling in my arms as I eventually loaded the mag, but by that time Kony had already given the "Ready, aim..." command, and all I keep thinking and telling myself is whispering to my girlfriend standing behind me "Please, please just don't look, close your eyes or look away, but please don't be a witness to this killing!", but I couldn't look around to see if she did what I wished her to. I ended up not loading in time and when Kony yelled "FIRE!" I woke up, sweaty and seriously confused. Felt so guilty that I took so long to react :(

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    I...I'm not entirely sure if that was so much a dream about Kony as much as it sounded like a wet dream about guns. It sounds like gun porn.

    You must really love guns. You 'merican?

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    I do really love guns. Elegant pieces of hardware, capable of so much awesome and so much destruction all in one package. I often dream about cool action scenarios and scenes which quickly end up focusing on the weapons at hand (from the combat knife on my belt to the rifle in my hands) instead of what is actually happening. A bit of a bummer when watching action movies though, as I'm usually the guy sitting there going "oh, that's impossible, that gun doesn't shoot like that". I have to really go into dumb mode to find classic Hollywood action appealing.

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