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Thread: Botanicula and saving a tree!

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    Default Botanicula and saving a tree!

    Not sure how many of you know about this, but Botanicula, Mechinarium and Samorost 2 are now in the Humble Bundle!

    Grab it HERE!

    Its well worth the money and all three are amazing and beautiful games.

    On top of that, a portion of the donation can be given to the World Land Trust.

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    Default Support the Humble Botanicula Bundle - Save Trees and Stuff

    I love Humble Bundles, and I love Amanita Design. So this is pretty much the coolest way to get your hands on their newest point-and-click game, Botanicula.

    The Humble Botanicula Debut contains four games, three soundtracks and a feature-length film. To make sure your feel extra good about yourself, the Bundle will be contributing to the World Land Trust – an organisation that protects some of the world’s most important biological areas, “acre by acre”.

    You'll get digital copies of Machinarium, Samorost 2, Botanicula and all three games’ soundtracks. If you pay more than the average price of $8.71 you’ll get a copy of Vector Park’s Windowsill (a point-and-click puzzle game) as well as a copy of the Czech film Kooky, which has obviously been dubbed into English.

    If you’ve been anticipating Botanicula then, honestly, you don’t get a game launch that’s as good a deal as this. You can head over here to check out further details and to swipe your credit card. Don’t forget that, as with most Humble Bundles, if you pay $5 or more for the games, you’ll receive Steam unlock codes as well.

    Hooray! \o/

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    Oh SNAP! And we have like a five minute difference in posting times. Mods! Eviscerate one of these please. :)

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    By the threads combined, I am Captain Planet!

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!


    ...but I already have 3 of the games :(

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    You've got Botanicula already? I've got all of the others already except for Botanicula, which ordinarily costs $10 on its own so this Bundle is a total no-brainer. Plus tree-hugging and stuff.

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    I've got Machinerium already, but all I want is Botanicula. If I get the bundle, am I able to give Machinerium to someone else?

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    If you get a Steam code for it then I don't see why not.

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikit0707 View Post
    If you get a Steam code for it then I don't see why not.

    Awesome. Well, I'll be buying myself this here bundle then. If anyone wants Machinerium, send me a Steam message and ye shall receive!

    Edit: it appears Machinerium is a direct download installer. There is still a unique download code for it however, so if anyone wants it, let me know!
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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    The Steam code they give you is a "bundle" code. You don't get an individual code for each game. So when you enter the code, it adds the three games, or whichever games you don't have. You can't gift or activate each game separately unfortunately.

    However the direct download thing should work,

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    Wow, and GoG shows their stuff again.

    So, the devs were pretty idiotic enough to place this in a bundle the same time it released (really a **** move to those who pre-ordered), and GoG felt so bad about it, they gave everyone who pre-ordered from them a free copy of Machinarium as well as The Witcher.

    Now that's great customer service. It isn't even GoG's fault, as they weren't made aware that it would go in the bundle by the developers, but GoG still felt bad for their customers and gave them free stuff to make up for it. Any other company would probably just have shrugged and done nothing, as it wasn't their own fault.

    Still, that is really beyond a **** move from the devs. It knocked them down quite a few notches in my books.

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    I disagree with that. When you buy a game you buy it because you support it. If a game costs R100 when its on pre-order and you pay R100, that means the game is worth the money to you. If it is then released in a bundle for a "pay what you want" and you moan, then its a **** move on your part. That's being selfish in my opinion. If anything you should go and buy it AGAIN in the bundle, to support them even more. People who pay low prices in bundles (when they can afford it, and if you pre-order a game you can obviously afford it) are dicks in my eyes.

    Its an indie game that heart and soul have gone into. Don't go and moan about someone else getting the game for cheaper after you have paid for it already.

    Also, Amanita did apologise and give free stuff.

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    I don't see it that way at all. People work hard for their money. Paying full price for something and putting your faith in the devs like that, just to be rewarded with them releasing it on a pay-what-you-want model on the same day, with people being able to buy it for as low as 1cent and getting more than you, that's not on. From a consumerist point of view, **** move.

    If they had waited at least a week, sure, then it would have been fine. Or even if they imposed a minimum purchase fee on the bundle.

    It's also important to note that Amanita only apologized after mass public outcry. They were entirely aware of what they were doing and I'm honestly surprised they didn't see the reaction they received coming.

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    Default Re: Botanicula and saving a tree!

    I am more incline to a agree with you when you put it that way. Maybe waiting a week or month would have been a better way to pull it off.

    Either way, I am glad that GoG is being so awesome about it. It is good to see that some groups still care about the public.

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