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Thread: Herororobot METAL Justice

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    Default Herororobot METAL Justice

    I made a short 5-minute beat-em-up/brawler which has robots \o/

    Grab it from here. Crits awaaaaayyy!

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Yay, Beat-em-ups! \0/

    Quite a fun little game. I like the design of the main character. The explosion sprite looks out of place, against the drawn sprites. The button layout also feels a bit awkward. I enjoyed the game, though. Those damn Botweilers are dangerous. :P I think it would be a good idea to give the main character a few seconds of invulnerability when he respawns. So he doesn't get trapped in an oncoming attack, when he lands. That happened to me a few times. I assume you're going to increase the number of enemies on screen, in the next build? Being outnumbered is one of the trademark elements, in games like these. There seems to be a glitch with the last boss (the blue robot), as well. If you keep on punching him, he will stay stunned and never counter back, until you stop punching him. All in all, I thought it was fun and a great start. Looking forward to the next build. Also, it's been a while. So welcome back. :)

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Thanks Cyberninja.

    Glad you like the main guy. I always thought he's a bit unoriginal, mostly just a bunch of circles stuck together. It's the first time I animated anything so he had to be simple.
    The droid is even simpler and has hardly any animations to speak of with no walking loops or anything, it's great.

    I was thinking of having that invulnerability period after your respawn. I always ended up either blocking right away or moving up/down which gets you out of their threat zone.
    There is also timer that makes it so that you snap out of the respawn drop -juuust- in time to before surrounding baddies attack... if they hit you before that, I best fix my timing logic.

    There used to be more baddies at once, but after watching a couple of 'casual' testers getting beaten mercilessly, toned it down a bit, using the system of having backup enemies appear instead.
    Still some work left to do with their AI and the way they move/attack when in groups, but ideally it'd be great to have a screen full of fist-fodder.

    Good note on the boss. I think the problem is that he recovers from the "orange eyes" state too quickly so he doesn't always build up to a counter attack.

    You're right about the button layout, fingerspace is a bit cramped with ZSX. Used to be ZXC but then I got confused between which key was block and jump.
    A better layout would be ZDC, D for jump... as long as jump is higher up on the keyboard, it seems to confuse me less. The ideal would be user-definable keys, but I'm not that l337 yet :]
    Thanks for playing this thing!

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Any particular reason you didn't go with Z,X,space?

    I like the blast attack. More "learned" attacks like that would be really cool :)

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Now you say it, it makes sense. Another reason to make it user-definable.
    I had plans for loads of special moves like the blast, and several you could do while holding them both on the ground and while jumping, but throwing's all I had time for so far.

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    I agree. User-definable keys would be ideal. I like the throw and running attacks, also. As for the blast attack. I like it, but I'm not sure the input for executing that move is ideal. I think it would work better as a "charge" attack. Basically, you hold down the punch button for a few seconds then release it, which triggers your projectile/blast to execute. Similar to the charge blast in Megaman. It kinda balances itself out, because while the projectile may deal a lot of damage (depending on your preferences) it needs a moment to build up. Which makes it more of a strategic weapon and eliminates spamming of the move. The reason I'm suggesting this is because, currently, the player can just spam the blast attack without using melee attacks at all. I killed all the enemies in the game, except the boss, just by shooting them. It's usually only the baddies/bosses that have unlimited use of projectile attacks in beat-em-ups. Because they are cheap like that. :P The hero usually has some drawback when they execute special attacks. It prevents them from continuously spamming the same move. Think back to games like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Cadillac and Dinosaurs..etc. In those games your drawback for using a (powerful) special attack was that you lost some health. And powerful projectile attacks (swords,guns,chains) only lasted temporarily. Another option would be to add a bar/counter, that fills every time you hit your opponents. When it's full, you can execute your special projectile attack, which causes massive damage and obliterates everyone in its path! \0/

    I like the "learned" attacks that Dislekcia suggested. I think those attacks would work great as melee attacks, like the running punch that you currently have. Executing a , + Punch, launches your character into a Shoryuken-style move..etc. Then, the directional inputs would make more sense. Have a look at the Scott Pilgrim Game on PSN/XBLA, to see what I mean. They use directional inputs to execute special attacks, which is something that is also "learned" throughout the game.

    Just a suggestion and something to think about. At the end of the day, it all depends on the style of beat-em-up you are creating. Whether it's a pure fun like The Simpsons Arcade game, frustratingly fun like Double Dragon or a mixture of both like TMNT: Turtles in Time, it's your call. :)

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Sorry about this slow-ass reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberninja View Post
    As for the blast attack. I like it, but I'm not sure the input for executing that move is ideal. I think it would work better as a "charge" attack.
    It started life as a charger-upper, but I ended up liking it more as a quick-spammable shot (hey, it works for Ryu!). It used a standard down-forward-punch input which always made you miss because the down-input moved you out of the horizontal fire line (Ryu didn't move vertically). Switched that to back-forward-punch and it worked like a charm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberninja View Post
    Another option would be to add a bar/counter, that fills every time you hit your opponents. When it's full, you can execute your special projectile attack, which causes massive damage and obliterates everyone in its path!
    I actually did have a "battery" that charged itself everytime you use an uppercut combo to enable special moves (like the shooty attack). The aim was to prevent special-spamming (didn't mind that so much later on) and to keep the normal 3-hit combo relevant, but I dropped that at the last minute since having only one special move that used it made it feel more like an obstacle to smooth play, rather than a tactical consideration.

    A shoryouken-like uppercut was in the plan using a down-forward-punch to also mitigate the horizontal inaccuracy, but it was dropped in favour of making the bottweiller instead with my remaining enthusiasm :] With more spesh moves to pick from and more types of baddies to use them on, the battery build-up feature would be a lot more relevant.

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    So when is the next playable demo going to be released? :P

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Half past never. Seriously though, the problem with these games is a dependency on high volumes of character animations, and it'd be nice to move on to something else for a while before my wrists cramp up from drawing again :]

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Very well done! Enjoyed playing it and can appreciate the work you put into this.
    For what it is; it is brilliant…

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    Default Re: Herororobot METAL Justice

    Thanks! It's surprising how much goes into brawlers like this. Never worked with state engines before, but using one here made things like basic AI possible, even for a layman like me. It'd be fun to come back and dust the engine off to reuse for something better one day.

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