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Thread: Rodriguez in SA - 2013

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    Don`t miss out on this opportunity to see the iconic Rodriguez live in South Africa performing his classic hits in support of `Searching for Sugarman`. The two performances are scheduled on Friday 15th February at the Big Top Arena, Carnival City Johannesburg and Wednesday 20th February at the Grand Arena, GrandWest Cape Town. The tour will be produced by Big Concerts, and presented by Talk Radio 702, 567 CapeTalk and M-Net.
    Carnival City, Big Top Arena, Johannesburg And Reef - Gauteng
    Fri 15 Feb 13 8:00 PM (Open)
    Sat 16 Feb 13 8:00 PM (Open)
    Mon 18 Feb 13 8:00 PM (Open)
    Grand Arena, Grand West, Cape Town - Western Cape
    Wed 20 Feb 13 8:00 PM (Open)
    Thu 21 Feb 13 8:00 PM (Open)

    Totally. Who else is going?

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    If I wasn't stuck on an island for a year, I would've bought my tickets already. :P

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    Had my tickets as they were released.

    You can't really be an 80/90's kid from SA and not go. It's like sacrilegious or something.

    Also well played on the timing of this concert... 'Searching for Sugarman' definitely helped to sell this.

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    Yeah, my mind is still blown from seeing that film; I can't believe the world didn't know who he is. Totally broke my heart.

    Anyways, planning on seeing it with the man who first introduced me to Sixto, my old man. Gonna be sweet.

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