I have had this old broken HP notebook lying around for a few years, as I was planning on spraying it since I found the source of the problem, but got bored after a while. The problem was the power port on the board itself, and I had the machine running for a while by just soldering/glueing (I didn't have any thin soldering wire) the connections to the charger cable. So a While back I came across a blown circuit board, decided to try out the de-soldering pump I got for christmas and salvaged a female power port from it. I stuck this onto the notebook motherboard, only to find out I connected the same wire from the port to both + and - on the board (facepalm).
So now I am determined to do it right this time, the problem is that the two connections on the board seem to short (I have not risked plugging the notebook back in yet). I am not an expert on this, but my testing method is basically using my multimeter and measuring the resistance across two points. When I connect it to the two points on the board I get a very small resistance, (multimeter set to lowest (200 ohm), screen reads between 16 and 19). The charger is rated at 19V. Am I correct in assuming that there is a short somewhere or do the connections normally have such a low resistance?