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Thread: ASUS releases the ROG GX1000 Gaming Mouse

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    Default ASUS releases the ROG GX1000 Gaming Mouse

    The computer mouse must be one of the peripherals that is likely to have multiple personalities. There's a mouse for claw-grip gamers and palm-grip gamers, small hands and big hands and there's even a mouse that folds up! There's arguably too much choice for those looking to replace their mouse and now ASUS has added to the confusion even further with what looks like a great gaming mouse. What can the GX1000 offer? Lets take a peek.


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    Default Re: ASUS releases the ROG GX1000 Gaming Mouse

    ASUS also brings out the ROG Orion Headset

    [Audiophiles unite! Obviously that doesn't include yours truly (seeing as I'm deaf and all), but I'm a big fan of headsets that produce great sound. My Phillips set may serve me well but I'm looking for something better. If you're also looking for a change of pace, ASUS wants you to pay attention to the Orion headset they just released. Colour-coded to match the official ROG colours in black and red, the Orion and Orion Pro headsets are impressive-looking pieces of kit.


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