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Thread: Dark Souls 2

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    Found this:

    So the trick is to get your AGI stat up for a couple of extra iframes at the far end (100 and upwards?). Also, I just only realized that carry weight is incremental and not locked to 3 different speeds like in Dark Souls. That is, you run marginally faster and roll a little bit faster even when wearing only 1% less than before, so it's in your interest to weigh as little as possible.

    At least now I have a good reason to wear light armors again. That Llewellyn armor is stylin'.

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    I had the most fun gathering sun medals last night. I only planned to get at least 20 in order to get the Sun Sword from my convenant, but the 20th medal ended up being the most work. I was doing co-op in Earth Peak - that area is just ideal for some co-op sunbro work because the covetous demon is ridiculously easy and Mytha isn't much harder, provided you emptied the poison.

    The guy I summoned for the 20th ended up not knowing about the secret bonfire at the top of Earth Peak. I showed him with gestures and what not and he was, thankfully, on the ball. But he also hadn't emptied the poison and any attempt to get him to stop and follow me to the windmill fell on deaf ears (or blind eyes?) so we went into the Mytha fight and got her down to about half before we both ran out of estus and died. I immediately plonked down my sig again, and within 1 minute he was summoning me again.

    This time I made sure to use "now way" and "I won't bite" (as in "follow me") to get the point across and he figured something was up. So we worked our way down to the windmill, I showed him the 2nd bonfire as well (he hadn't crossed the mist), I lit my torch with a flaming butterfly and walked up to the windmill, then walked back and pointed at it. He got the hint and set the damn thing on fire.

    We sprinted back up to Mytha and proceeded to kick her ass soundly and I realized at the end that this must have been the hardest I'd ever had to work for a sunlight medal, but it was kinda appropriate for the last one I really needed for my sunbro.

    Now I have a Sun Sword, and I'm wondering if anybody knows if I can get another one in my game or if I will have to trade for it. Anybody got a 2nd Sun Sword for my quality-build dual-wielding sunbro?
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    I farmed another Mad Warriors last night, took me just under 2 hours for the set and the sword. I've never used Katanas all that much - besides for the odd boss here and there - so I'm going to do a run with the Chaos Blade. And the Mad Warriors set just seemed like the perfect fit.

    @Squirly. I'm interested to hear more of your impressions of Dark Souls 2. I definitely seem to be in the minority - on these forums anyway - that prefer the sequel, so I'm curious to hear what you think.

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    This video puts focus on some of the things I really don't like about DS2. Spoilers, obviously.

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    I'll have something more in depth in regards to a response to that video (and Yuri) later on, but in the mean time BandaiNamco have released some details in regards to the patch that's landing on Feb 5th in preparation for the Scholar of the First Sin.

    White phantoms will no longer return to their world if time runs out during a boss battle.
    Players on their first play through can now match with players on their 2nd or further play through.
    Made it easier for players to match online in general.

    Thank god for that.

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