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Thread: Dark Souls 2

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    From what I understand when you purchase the DLC you get a Key in your inventory to unlock that said door.

    That being said reviews have me interested when most of them state things like "architecture and enemy placement designed to make your life miserable" and "some of the most grueling boss fights in Souls history". Hell son with tidbits like that it makes me think of Anor Londo from the first game, my favorite part. Will be getting this this weekend and see what all the fuss is about.

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    Right, so. I lost my character awhile back due to a reformat, and I haven't had the heart to play much since as I was at the LAST BOSS FIGHT... but, now I've gotten back into the swing of things since I need a character for the DLC!

    Damn, I had a heap of fun last night. I took down Ornstein without a shield, which is quite frankly how I'm going to do that
    fight from now on. Dodging some of those attacks at the last moment was simply exhilarating.

    I've also heard very good things about the DLC. Apparently, it will contain a decent dragon fight. Kalameet V2? :3

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    So I'm about 45 hours into a melee/hex build. I'm actually doing a final NG3 COC run to finish the build off. The primary focus was on a Dark Ruler's sword with Resonant Weapon. (and the required 1 million souls ofc) I had Great Resonant Soul as a back up, but I spent my time primarily as melee.
    The Ruler's Sword was quite a mixed bag for me. While buffed with RW its damage is very impressive, added to the fact that its got a pretty quick moveset, I was downing bosses very quickly. However its damage unbuffed (even though its listed at 730) is rather unimpressive. Which is further compounded by playing with the COC enabled.

    All things considered it's a powerful build, I'm just not sure the Ruler's Sword is the best weapon to be using. For interests sake I might do some testing with my main to see how a dark Pursuers sword matches up.
    Once I'm finished with the current run I think I'm going to try my hand at a Santier's spear/pyro build, looks like a pretty interesting playstyle.

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    After a long hiatus and feeling quite rubbish at it, all this talk of how good the new DLC is got me to finally give the game another go. Finally took down the Smelter Demon and the lava boss after him (Old Iron King I think?). Progress at long last! I still don't like it as much as the original, but I'm getting more into it now. My main problem is that my build just feels... boring. I went for an agile Dex build and just got the Uchi... but I feel dull compared to what other people I encounter online are sporting. Any suggestions for shaking things up... I need to feel less like generic knight 1A.

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    Yeah I also find the katana to be quite underwhelming. I have used it on occasion, but generally stay away from it. My suggestion would be to respec from dex to strength. Do you still have the Pursuer's soul? If so head on over to Straid and get yourself the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword. If not, then the Ultra Greatsword from No Man's Wharf will also do.
    As for armour, the Alva set is excellent, and also easy to get on short notice. Spend 15k souls on Maughlin, go jump off the edge of a cliff so that you can return to him with no souls, and he will give you the armour for free.

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    Hmmm, hadn't thought of going to the complete other end of the scale. Any tips for weapon/armour combo for a dex build, as its generally what I enjoy.

    But hey, maybe changing it up so significantly is just what I need.

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    The Curved Dragon Greatsword is a good option then. It has a starting requirement of 30 strength and 18 dexterity, but once maxed at plus 5 it will have a B scaling in strength and an S scaling in dexterity. It's basically a dex greatsword.
    And the Alva set is light. Even when I'm lugging around a massive sword I always make a point of staying below 35% encumbrance.

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    Thanks, will pick up Alva's tonight and start pushing STR up.

    After getting the 4 boss souls, am I meant to go to that castle with the Mastodon guards and respawing soldiers outside?

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    That is correct.

    The Faraam set is found in Drangleic castle. So you might want to keep an eye out for that.

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    So this is happening for the PS4 and PS3

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    It's coming to the Xboxes and PC as well it seems. That's pretty nice of them I would buy it again with friends just to go through the dlc.

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    Season Pass currently going for R299 - worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Bouncer- View Post
    Season Pass currently going for R299 - worth it?
    Which version do you have? If its PC might as well wait and see what the Scholar version price is. Might be the same price in which case you'd get the better copy

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    Well I've got DS2 on PS3. Was thinking of maybe trying to sell it and then get the Scholar edition on PS4 eventually.

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    Soon. Soooon.

    If anybody has any suggestions (I'm playing vanilla first, no DLC or anything) then let me know. Do I need a dsfix-like or is it good to go?

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