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Thread: Dark Souls 2

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    From what I understand when you purchase the DLC you get a Key in your inventory to unlock that said door.

    That being said reviews have me interested when most of them state things like "architecture and enemy placement designed to make your life miserable" and "some of the most grueling boss fights in Souls history". Hell son with tidbits like that it makes me think of Anor Londo from the first game, my favorite part. Will be getting this this weekend and see what all the fuss is about.

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    Right, so. I lost my character awhile back due to a reformat, and I haven't had the heart to play much since as I was at the LAST BOSS FIGHT... but, now I've gotten back into the swing of things since I need a character for the DLC!

    Damn, I had a heap of fun last night. I took down Ornstein without a shield, which is quite frankly how I'm going to do that
    fight from now on. Dodging some of those attacks at the last moment was simply exhilarating.

    I've also heard very good things about the DLC. Apparently, it will contain a decent dragon fight. Kalameet V2? :3

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