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Thread: Dark Souls 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gammaray View Post
    Finished it over the weekend. The last boss was pretty easy with a +5 curved dragon greatsword plus the help of Vengarl and Bendart. :D Only took me 15 hours less than in DS1.

    I agree with Cleric that DS1 was the better game, but I did enjoy DS2 immensely.
    Did you kill Vendrick and The Ancient Dragon? I'm stuck on those two ****ers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vii View Post
    Did you kill Vendrick and The Ancient Dragon? I'm stuck on those two ****ers.
    I didn't kill The Ancient Dragon, but I did kill Vendrick after much trial and error. What I did was:

    Stuff the shield, because if he hit me while blocking, I'm wide open for the second shot anyway. One shot usually ended with death, so I two handed a measly +5 lighting infused Drangleic sword. Bait him to attack and then get close, if it's an overhead stike it's easily dodgable. There are usually 2, sometimes 3 strikes. If it's a horizontal swing, roll past his left (your right). Stay behind him/at his left leg. Take 2-3 shots and retreat just a tad to see which attack is incoming. Then dodge and attack again. Rinse and repeat. When you're pushed against the wall, retreat and bait him to the middle of the area, then keep at his left again. Watch out for his magic/dark attack sometimes.

    All it requires is some patience. ;)

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    I must be one the few that actually prefers DS2 to the first one. Granted, during my first playthrough I was a bit skeptical, but the more I played the more it grew on me.

    I joined the Covenant of Champions for my NG5 run. Also going to make this my first no shield plathrough. I've done so for a few bosses before but never the whole run.
    The Sentinels posed quite a challenge. Going full turtle as I would usually handle that fight gives absolutely no insight as to how much reach those ****ers have. Aside from that fight though, I don't foresee any real hurdles for the rest of the run.

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    I also prefer DS2, it's just a better game in pretty much every aspect, I'd choose DS1 for nostalgia purposes, but at the core of the game DS2 was better.

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    I think that once there are some more lore flushed out, some more answers to the DS2 story line given, the more I'd be inclined to like it. At the moment I'm still in the "what was that all about?" phase.

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    OH man, I've been ducking and diving spoilers ever since this game has been released, and I STILL haven't played it, but now you see opinions popping up in comment sections and they aren't nice.

    This sucks.

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    I know if quite infuriating when you marginally miss a back stab like that, but I would lose my head when a shield break didn't pan out.

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    Release this now dammit:

    trailer for Dark Souls II's three DLC episodes, to be released later this year for PS3, 360, and PC

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    Unless this gets a retail release I wont be able to play it. So perhaps its best I just pretend I never saw that trailer.

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    So I see that the Season Pass for Dark Souls 2 is R369. Isn't that a bit insane?........ 0_0

    I'm a Dark Souls fan but it's a bit much for a 3 part Season Pass.
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    That's more than expected, but if I think how much was packed into DS1's Artorias of the Abyss DLC, it might just be worth the money.

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    Agreed but I would hate to pay that much, only for Part 1 to be finished in 2-3 hours......

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    Smart shop and the R369 won't be too much, hopefully it means that there is a crap load of content, only paid R249 for DS2 on launch lol so the DLC needs to be substantial.

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    Well, I recently paid very little for 2xR200 PSN vouchers thanks to KFM vouchers (and I do shop smart) but I just hope that the DLC will be worth it. Don't see any bonus stuff if you buy the Season Pass though. Time will tell if it's worth it I guess....

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    Continuing with my Company of Champions no shield run (except for the Gargoyle fight, I turtled that boss like a bitch, cos **** them) I've done about half the bosses on NG7, and I've arrived at my favourite boss of all; the Lost Sinner NG5. I'm determined to do this boss with the Pursuers Ultra Greatsword, and not swap out for a faster weapon but holy **** I'm having a hard time. The Lost Sinner herself is easy, as shes predictable, but as soon as those 2 pyromancers join the fray.......Having all three of them on screen at once, and all of them able to 2 shot me is giving me heart palpitations. The amount of randomness they bring to the fight, combined with the absolutely brutal damage between all three, is ****ing killing me......over and over and over:)
    Also as I'm playing an unpatched version of the game, no nerfed boss fight for me.

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    I. Am. Victorious.

    I have finished Dark Souls 2. And I am... underwhelmed.

    Nashandra was by far the squishiest boss in the game and I don't even think I was over-levelled for the encounter.

    As for The Ancient Dragon and Vendrick I made them my bitches. Now I'm just milling about in PVP, doing the fight club thing at Iron Keep and tying up loose ends before heading into NG+

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    Guys! I found it! I found the entrance to the DLC.

    So after the patch dropped on Friday, I was going through my NG+ run and when I defeated the Rotten, I lit the primal bonfire. In the usually empty room I saw a shrine, like the one at the shrine of winter. Snakes and like an oil fountain surrounded by stone pillars. These pillars said something about "The path of the king" Anyway, when you activate this shrine it take you to a door. The door was "Closed" at this point but it wasn't there before. I'm 100% certain this is the entrance to this week's DLC.

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