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Thread: NAG February 2013 Issue

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    Can you feel that? It's all around you. That's the feeling of 2013 in full swing. A whole new year, filled with whole new possibilities and unfiltered, bright-eyed optimism. Or perhaps that feeling is just what life feels like when gaming slows to a crawl and there's very little by way of new games to play. Either way, we have a magazine for you. It's marked February 2013, which means NAG's year is now officially all systems go.

    First up, how's about that cover 'ey? Ain't it pretty! Independent research has shown that this particular cover features at least 100-percent more bows wielded by super-powered men in expensive Nanosuits than any other NAG cover that's come before it. That's a wonderfully impressive statistic. That cover also means that we've taken an in-depth look at Crysis 3, poking at its innards to see what pops out. We like what we've seen.

    Next, we have our future feature: a feature about the future, in which we gaze into it and its endless potential. Everything from future games to future movies to future hardware to general future type stuff was stared at for seemingly endless periods of time, and when the time came that we could stare no longer, we wrote words about what we saw. Or didn't actually see, but might see in the future. Anyway, read it, because it contains everything you should know about what 2013 has to offer you, and what it means for all of your favourite things. Think of it as a preview of 2013 in general. Speaking of previews, we have but one lonely, but nevertheless awesome game preview of Insomniac's Fuse.

    Our reviews section covers the spectrum of 2012's games that slipped through our fingers at the last moment. We see if Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse offers all of the humour with none of the usual licensed-game bull****. LEGO The Lord of the Rings takes The Lord of the Rings and makes it LEGO, and we play with the result until we're acutely aware of how it makes us feel. Hotline Miami is assassin-perfection made trial and error; it's Trials with guns and knives and brutal fists and dead homeless men and neon grime, and we want to tell you more about why you should love it. In the background, Far Cry 3 sits picking bits of tropical island out of its fingernails, patiently awaiting the moment you'll make a handbag out of its skin. Then, we take a look at a bunch of Wii U titles that slipped by us to see if any of them make it worth an investment in Nintendo's new console.

    Hardware does its thing with an intriguing mix of headsets, CPUs, coolers and impressive mouse-and-mouse-mat combos. We test drive the unflinching performance of Razer's Ouroboros gaming mouse and Ironclad mouse mat. Intel's Core i7 3970X is put through its paces so we can help you decide if it's worth the insanely high asking price of R11,799. We attempt to gauge if Cooler Master's HAF XB is the ultimate LANning chassis. All this and more can be discovered within the pages that comprise this month's hardware section.

    On top of this, we've got all the usuals: a look at Everything Else, an informative chat with local developers and a DVD packed full of goodies. The contents page lies below for a more detailed look. And as always, people who'd prefer a digital copy of the magazine can find it on Zinio. Enjoy!

    Click here for the contents PDF [330 KB]

    Click here for the original NAG Online post

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    Wow. Nice Cover. 5Stars for you.

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    @Miktar's piece on page 24. Thank you for taking me back to a fantastic game and also a worry-free time in my life. As I read Stampede's poem, I could hear it as if I was playing Interstate'76. I still have the original game disc and soundtrack, and the expansion Nitro Rider.
    This prompted me to dig out my old PIII and set it up again. It's still running fine with Win98 and all my old games installed. I even found my original Tresspasser games CD still in the drive! This PC is setup in one of my first attempts to mod a case. Because it is running my prized Voodoo5 5500, the case was made in a 3dfx style.
    I'm not too good with words but I just wanted to say thank you, or maybe more acknowledge this particular opinion piece. I'm glad I got this months NAG!

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    I need some help cause I've found roxxy in the magazine but when ever I type in the link given I end up on the NAG web page

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    Ignore the last post. But one thing I would like say is that I wish they would bring the zero punctuation videos back as they were a personal favorite of mine. Anyone feel the same ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insidious View Post
    But one thing I would like say is that I wish they would bring the zero punctuation videos back as they were a personal favorite of mine.
    They're not done by NAG. You can watch them online here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuluka View Post
    They're not done by NAG. You can watch them online here
    I know NAG doesn't do them but I don't really have access to those kind of sites so I'm saying it would be cool if they put on the disk because it is really funny.

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    Whats up with the subscription email address? I sent an email to Cheryl regarding my February issue not arriving and no response then I forwarded the email to the subscription department email address and also no response as well?


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    @maxdamage I see that Cheryl isn't in the office right, but I'll follow up as soon as I see her.

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