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Thread: China reportedly reviewing 12-year game console ban

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    Default China reportedly reviewing 12-year game console ban

    An anonymous government source told China Daily that the ban is under review, but that the seven ministries which enacted it because of fears of potential harm to the young would need to agree to ending it if the market is to be opened up to game consoles again.
    "We are reviewing the policy and have conducted some surveys and held discussions with other ministries on the possibility of opening up the game console market," the source from the Ministry of Culture said.

    "However, since the ban was issued by seven ministries more than a decade ago, we will need approval from all parties to lift it."

    Sony and Nintendo shares rose on the back of the report. According to Bloomberg, the former's stock jumped 9.1 percent in Tokyo trading to 1,407 yen, the highest since April 2012, while the latter's increased 3.4 percent to 9,630 yen in Osaka, the highest since December 7.

    Can you imagine the sudden increase in console sales if this happens? And being Nintendo and Sony territory, I think Microsoft may just stay in 3rd place ... forever. Or has the Vii's and the VBox II saturated their market already?

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    Default Re: China reportedly reviewing 12-year game console ban

    Nintendo has a higher chance of getting in since its a lot more family-centric, but Sony selling the PS3 in China? Goddamn, that would pull them right out of the red in no time, provided they can make enough units to feed demand.

    Also, I've got some family in China and an old school friend in South Korea that occasionally hops over to sight-see. Microsoft's software there is so damn popular they price it down much lower than in other countries because if they didn't, piracy would simply take over. Apple is also gaining popularity very quickly. Windows has great Mandarin support, as does OS X because a market that huge is important to both companies.
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    Default Re: China reportedly reviewing 12-year game console ban

    Sony stock jumped 9.1% just because of this little tidbit, I can imagine they're salivating at the thought of millions of possible new PS3 / Vita owners.

    And to be honest, I really hope it pulls through, I'm just wondering if Sony will be able to keep its premium brand over there and if they would be selling it as a cheap console in order to get game sales up.

    I'm guessing it's going to have to be in line with what it costs in Japan though.

    Also, could you imagine living in a country where consoles were banned, that would be the most boring childhood ever :P
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    Default Re: China reportedly reviewing 12-year game console ban

    This is going to be interesting.

    I wonder if the natural antagonism that exists between China and Japan will actually help the Xbox in some way? Or will the younger generation of Chinese simply not care of the atrocities committed by Japan against China in the past, and just want a good console?

    As said, maybe the knock-off consoles have already saturated the market to the point where the real things may have a limited impact and be somewhat redundant. Or maybe they will be a resounding success. Or maybe the lift will see the manufacture of a true Chinese many possibilities.
    I wonder what impact it will have on PC gaming over there as well.

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