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Thread: Surgeon Simulator 2013

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    Can you do the heart transplant?

    Somehow I think a real life transplant would be easier. I can't even grasp the saw. :/

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    Definitely, I feel like a retard. Doing a heart transplant with one hand? Seems practical.

    Although I'm sure everyone is exaggerating just a little, it's not really that hard.

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    Well, so far I've managed to knock a bunch of scalpels into his chest while trying to pick up the saw. :o

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    I was doing his operation with I think a cup or something in his chest the whole time, when I eventually cut the heart out, which I struggled with the most because I couldn't see what was still attached, I threw the heart and the cup at him.

    My second run I emptied his chest and stuck the radio in there hahaha, failed instantly.

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    Good Grief!
    I tried it out because I'm kind of a medical nut- but I can see I'll be much more likely to do a heart transplant in real life that in this game!
    Pity- I don't know what they were trying to do with this- but I would have loved an actual simulator.
    I only get to take out so many stitches in real life and real medical emergencies I leave to doctors :)

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    It's probably the worst surgery simulator ever but it's fun.

    "Congratulations you successfully transplanted the heart, too bad the patient is now missing a ribcage and lungs. A++"

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    Last edited by Sir PaniCore; 04-02-2013 at 09:48 PM.

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    This game is simply horrendous. It's beyond rubbish. In some ways, I feel like I'm playing Trespasser 2: Trespassing in the Surgery room.

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    I only realized later on that you're NOT supposed to dismantle the guys rib cage.

    Half-way through that disaster I put the circular saw down on the table and it ended up rolling against the one rib bone that was still lying on there (the rest were on the floor) at which point the game registered that as me cutting into the guy and the red numbers just started tumbling while a red mist was enveloping the table. And there's me, stumbling to get the damn thing off there again.

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