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    It's a long read but it's well worth it, especially to reviewers, I think. He uses his impression of Bioshock Infinte and compares it to the near universal praise that it received from the press (not critics, mind you) and why it's so jarring to see so many 9s and 10s for a game that, strictly speaking, has a lot of flaws. He outlines those flaws and you might agree or not, but it's a good read, especially once he gets into the issues with game reviews (and their scores) in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pArkEr View Post
    Obvious, or not so obvious flaws usually become more apparent once the hype's died down, and the reviewers actually get time to delve into the game and are not under the pressure to shout "FIRST!"
    But what does that tell you about the review industry? That's why the entire review industry needs to relook how reviews are handled, because reviews are no use when they don't actually point out what's wrong with the game at launch.

    The whole idea that reviews have to be out on launch day is yet another bad side-effect of the whole preview culture the gaming industry is stuck in and the industry's insistence on pushing day one purchases above all else.

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    You should read the AMA the IGN games editor did on Reddit, really interesting insight into the gaming media. Will link it once I find it.

    EDIT: Here it is.
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