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    So I'm an Exile Human and just reached level 10. I like when there's cut scenes or the narrator giving a story update because it shows off the art style, but normal playing, everything is rather small.

    The action gameplay is good, but it still feels like a traditional MMORPG. Yesterday I think I found 5 logs and did 13 quests/tasks without reading anything, just shoot, shoot, Press C, hit accept, shoot, shoot, Press C, accept, use the object, don't know why, Press C, hit accept, shoot some more, research drone keeps scanning things on it's own, wonder why, realise the patch today did that, Get a Call, press C, shoot the mini-boss, leave the area, finally take a break, have no idea why I did any of that stuff because I didn't have time to stop and breathe XD

    Did Fragment Zero, not realising it was a dungeon, took me 51minutes, but loved the little intro and outro.

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    I've been playing this a tiny bit since it went F2P. Level 15 with a Mordesh Warrior and just made it to the Exile capital city.

    Yeah, just about all the quests are woefully generic. It's a pity, because everything else about the game oozes character and the combat is incredibly fun. I'll probably continue now and again, but I don't see myself playing this more than Guild Wars 2 any time soon.

    Fragment Zero is an expedition, not a dungeon. Expeditions scale with the number of players in the party (up to 5) and are generally a lot quicker and easier to finish. You don't need to worry about being properly geared or anything like that, so it's a fun distraction from the grind levelling tends to be otherwise. :)

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