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    Hey guys! I need some help with buying a laptop please.

    I'm in Dubai again visiting my parents and i decided I want to buy a laptop. My dad is going to help pay for it then I just pay him back each month. My budget is 9000DHS which is around R19000.

    I have been looking a bit and so far the Msi gx60 or gt70 dragon edition have caught my eye, have not started looking at Alienware or anything else yet.

    Any ideas? I would ideally like to play most games on full, any advice would be much appreciated.


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    If you haven't yet, check this out : Laptop Buyer’s Guide: January R15,000 to R21,000

    Also, is it a good idea to buy it in Dubai? I'm not sure about it, but wouldn't the warranty only apply there or something?
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    On most big brands, you can pay an additional fee for international warranty. Dell used to do this, but I'm pretty sure it's across the board with most reputable manufacturers.

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    MSI, Alienware and ASUS have international warranties, so if you're bringing the lappie back with you then that's what you should go for. If you're staying in Dubai for the time being, then warranties shouldn't be an issue. As for options, I'm not sure what kind of markup you'll see on Alienware stuff. You'll likely be limited to the entry-level M17xR4 or even a slightly older R3. I'd have a look at:

    MSI GE60 OND 15.6" or 17.3"
    MSi GT60 15.6"

    I'm not sure what brands are sold in Dubai or even what models are offered, so this is just a guideline, hence the lack of any prices.

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    Thanks for the help guys!

    With e-max, virgin megastores etc there is almost anything here. From The prices that I saw last time the laptops are around R2-7000 cheaper than in SA.

    Not to worried about the warranty, I can always send it back here to my parents but will just make sure when i go tomorrow. The stores are very tourist aware so Im pretty sure that they will give international warranties.

    The two brands I see the most are Dell and MSI regarding gaming laptops. Will check those out thanks a lot!

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    Ok went to Mirdif city and Dubai mall. Saw a MSI GT 70 one and ASUS G74vx 3D. The asus has 24gig ram and a 1tb hdd + 256gd ssd. The msi has a 4gig gtx680 m and the asus a 3gig 670mx.

    They both cost the same, i tried to look for alienware but they only have m18x and 14, no 17 the 18x is a bit too expensive.

    So those are my two choices, which one is the best choice you guys think? Oh and as per the warranty both have international warranties.

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    I'd go MSI, the ASUS looks a bit bland for my tastes although their build quality seems to be a little better.

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    Thanks Wesley, I had a real struggle today deciding on what to get and it didn't help that I wrote down G74vx instead of G75vx , couldn't find it anywhere to read a review not to mention a mention on the Asus page.

    After I didn't get a reply here I decided to go with the Asus, the graphics is slightly weaker but it has more ram and hard drive space. I liked the look of the MSI more as well but in the end the Asus won.

    So far I loooove it, extremely fast, smooth in every way and the white back lit keys look spiffy! My dad didn't like it but I frikkin love the fact that the keys have little Arabic letters on them as well, and it is so easy to type, never had that on a laptop before. Don't like windows 8 that much so far but it's easy just to switch to the normal desktop.

    Installed Team Fortress and it runs perfectly, for some reason I didn't copy LOL properly so downloading it again. Didn't even occur to me to bring a game that could test it properly. Oh well much time left for that!

    I got a ROG headset, mouse and 3D glasses with it. The mouse works like a charm, haven't tried the rest yet, that is for tomorrow, it's already almost 2 am here and I have to get some sleep!

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    Heh, good choice. For games, you can test with Hawken, Planetside 2 and even the Crysis 3 Multiplayer beta just to see how it handles things. And you'd better insure the damn thing!

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    Something that's been at my head for a while.
    I know netbook's and laptop's need to keep it all light.
    But after taking apart several dead one's.
    I have found the most childish looking heatsinks mounted in really bad way's.

    One netbook had a heat sink made of a tiny flat 4x6cm piece of very flexible aluminium that purely cannot stand up to the summer heat held in place by 2 screws that had already effected it's shape on the core.

    Another laptop died because the case flexed slightly causing the heat pipe to no longer make contact with the gpu.

    Between these heasinks are thermal pads that purely will not survive for more than a year in the summer heat with the combined wear and tear of transporting it.

    Also people say use a cooling stand.. this is just pure trash as the device should be built to withstand it's own heat.

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    I was worried that it might get hot on my bed, but even after playing games I can feel no heat whatsoever. It is really well cooled.

    I have a question, next to the power button there is a Republic of gamers button, just with the ROG sign, I can't seem to figure out what it does, anyone know? I did press it but don't see that it is doing anything. Weird.

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