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    Hey guys you need to check this out.

    Basically it's a survival simulator, except you're on a strange island with strange creatures and at night the darkness isn't just scary, it's downright dangerous. Spend the day picking berries, hunting rabbits, making tools (like an axe) in order to get more resources (like chopping down trees!) and then making a fire for the night. Keep it nice and stocked with wood or it'll go out and then you're screwed. Cook your food, have dinner, wait for morning and then repeat everything.

    Obviously there's a lot more to it, but you basically progress along a weird, but pretty logical, tech-tree in order to up your chances for survival every day. And as long as you don't run afoul of the wildlife, which can be meek (like rabbits!) and insanely terrifying (walking trees oh god!) you'll eventually find yourself wearing a variety of armor and helmets and wielding spears and ... a bee gun. Or something. Really, you gotta see it to understand. The bees in this are damn dangerous.

    The game has an amazing art style and it looks even better in motion. The humor is kinda grim, but it definitely doesn't take itself too seriously. Wilson, the protagonist at the moment, has a pretty slap-dash attitude when it comes to his effects on the environment and you can tell he treats nature like an adversary. Either way, he doesn't have a problem with chopping that tree right down and harvesting it for wood and pine cones. Except if the tree decides to fight back.

    It's still in beta and they're adding lots to it everyday, but I am definitely sold. I love a good rogue-like and this one looks like it'll deliver.

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    I've owned this since the day it came out on Steam, and I concur. It is an awesome game.

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    I wish I could just up and buy things on Steam. I'd be broke, but it would still be awesome.

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    So with the release date being just around the corner I've started playing this a bit again. It's a brilliant game, but I don't think it's a good rogue-like. It's way too time-consuming to be a rogue-like. A single slip-up could set you back hours of progress.

    Rogue-likes work well with combat-oriented gameplay, not so much with builder games. Being mauled by a hell-hound after 2 hours of working on the perfect base does not really make me feel a lot like starting all over again.

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