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Thread: Thread of upcoming games

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    This is a great trailer:

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    Creators of Ethan Carter AND Painkiller? This is going straight to the top of the watch list. Now I want to play it! Looks awesome!

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    So Curly from Cave Story is going to be in a fighter called Blade Strangers for Switch and PS4. Just throwing that out there...

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    Speaking of fighters, the Fighting Layer EX demo is out:

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    Well this just happened.

    Stoked as hell. Switch version should be super fun to play!

    @DarkPrince @LazyDemoni Was kind of hoping that KoF14 would be revealed for Switch but this.... thoughts? I think this still looks super fun and it seems to be running on the same engine. There may yet still be hope.

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    About SNK Heroines:

    The game will feature a one-button fighting mechanic and a special finishing move known as the Dream Finish. The game’s official description says players will make use of special items in combat “to turn the tide of battle.”
    I dunno, the whole thing seems a bit too fan-servicey. Are SNK OKAY?! I hope they are because KOF XIV is an excellent game and I'd like to see more games in that vein or maybe a revisit of their other franchises. With the success of Cuphead, would it not be a good time to introduce a new action platformer like Metal Slug, (even if it lacked pixel art)?

    If I had a Switch I might be tempted to get it as a simple time waster but only if it was very cheap or F2P.

    The World Ends With You Remix is exciting though! It also includes a new scenario. I'd definitely get this.

    Oh and FF XII for PC:
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    I just hope FFXII isn't overpriced like on PS4 though, when I checked it out a month ago on PSN it was like R800. Not paying that for a game I have already bought in the past.

    Also.... this is disappointing Ark.....

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    Day 1 buy for SNKHeroines, never thought we'd ever see a sequel to Gals fighters especially today with all this PC crap and people whining about the objectification of female characters. Thank you based SNK :) Waifu fighter with what looks to be loads of customization, cannot wait, my only request is that Shiki makes the roster selection otherwise really looking forward to it.

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    year five of awaiting cyberpunk 2077

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    So good news for the people that fear Nintendo might censor SNK Heroines for english territories: They aren't

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    So I heard that a fighting game is releasing this month, that is My Little Pony inspired. I thought "pffffff really?" And then I heard the name of the game: Them's Fighting Herds.......... I was interested.

    Holy ****....... THAT LOOKS AWESOME!

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    It's been in Dev for a while. I think both the MLP guys and Lab Zero offered some input. It looks legit but I've got enough FGs to keep me busy.

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    I really hope Heidern still has his Neck Roller :D

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    Yakuza 3,4,5 will be re-released on PS4

    Prey got some new achievements lately which have all but confirmed that an add-on, set on the moon is due:
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    4 days to go

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    I am getting mad Mega Man Cartoon show vibes from the voice acting, of the super fighting robot variety. I like it :)

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    Just a rumour but with some credibility; a company registered the domain for This company have previously registered Capcom domains, leading to speculation that a new DMC will be announced soon. At E3 maybe?

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    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle is only R269 on steam. I have to admit, when they announced 20 characters and 20 DLC characters I was VERY skeptical, but with that kind of price tag I guess I can get it.

    EDIT nevermind getting the complete edition that will have all DLC characters on PS4, just saw that it costs R379 on steam, hope it's the same on PSN
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    "In Dead or Alive 6, female characters’ breasts no longer jiggle and bounce in the exaggerated fashion the series became increasingly known for, and the costumes we have seen so far are less revealing. Female characters are depicted in a more natural way, which makes them feel more human and believable than before."
    Oh boy, people almost lost their ****ing minds when they didn't make characters' skin "soft" enough in the previous game. I reckon this will cause street riots of caveman proportions....

    Also I just know there will be a metric ton of costume DLC again so that doesn't bother me, but I would die laughing if they release a DLC called "classic DOA physics"
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