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Thread: Thread of upcoming games

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    This is a great trailer:

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    Creators of Ethan Carter AND Painkiller? This is going straight to the top of the watch list. Now I want to play it! Looks awesome!

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    So Curly from Cave Story is going to be in a fighter called Blade Strangers for Switch and PS4. Just throwing that out there...

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    Speaking of fighters, the Fighting Layer EX demo is out:

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    Well this just happened.

    Stoked as hell. Switch version should be super fun to play!

    @DarkPrince @LazyDemoni Was kind of hoping that KoF14 would be revealed for Switch but this.... thoughts? I think this still looks super fun and it seems to be running on the same engine. There may yet still be hope.

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    About SNK Heroines:

    The game will feature a one-button fighting mechanic and a special finishing move known as the Dream Finish. The game’s official description says players will make use of special items in combat “to turn the tide of battle.”
    I dunno, the whole thing seems a bit too fan-servicey. Are SNK OKAY?! I hope they are because KOF XIV is an excellent game and I'd like to see more games in that vein or maybe a revisit of their other franchises. With the success of Cuphead, would it not be a good time to introduce a new action platformer like Metal Slug, (even if it lacked pixel art)?

    If I had a Switch I might be tempted to get it as a simple time waster but only if it was very cheap or F2P.

    The World Ends With You Remix is exciting though! It also includes a new scenario. I'd definitely get this.

    Oh and FF XII for PC:
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    I just hope FFXII isn't overpriced like on PS4 though, when I checked it out a month ago on PSN it was like R800. Not paying that for a game I have already bought in the past.

    Also.... this is disappointing Ark.....

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    Day 1 buy for SNKHeroines, never thought we'd ever see a sequel to Gals fighters especially today with all this PC crap and people whining about the objectification of female characters. Thank you based SNK :) Waifu fighter with what looks to be loads of customization, cannot wait, my only request is that Shiki makes the roster selection otherwise really looking forward to it.

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    year five of awaiting cyberpunk 2077

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    So good news for the people that fear Nintendo might censor SNK Heroines for english territories: They aren't

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