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Thread: Thread of upcoming games

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    Is there a better time for a FG fan to be alive? I love DOA and I'm glad we're getting a new game!

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    Keen for DoA6, it's looking really good, hopefully they announce Tina soon then I just have to sit back and wait for release.

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    Dude! That looks like Vergil who cut off Nero's arm! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

    We knew they were making it, but holy **** this looks amazing!

    Kept us waiting.....

    And I am super excited for this personally, Now your army actually fights with you lol

    @DarkPrince of course Tina is going to be in DOA :)
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    Nelo Angelo Vergil to be exact, and he wants Yamato back hence the ripping off his arm :p

    As for Tina, will have to wait and see, I don't trust them they left her out of DoA Xtreme 3 :(

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    Some more of that Kill la Kill game:

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    It looks amazing, and you can see the Arc influences. But I am not really a fan of the anime 3D Arena fighters. But since it's arc I'll be watching it closely.

    In other news: Warframe is coming to Switch. Super stoked to play it on the go but also super bummed as I'll most likely have to start a new profile on it. already have 1000+ hours on steam

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    Pullum Purna and Vulcano Rosso being added for free and a sneak peak at Sharon and Area as well as our first guest character, Terry Bogard

    Definitely putting some time in with Yuzuriha

    DoA6 is looking amazing

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    Devil May Cry <3
    I hope it will be better than the previous part.

    Warframe is a great game, I play Warframe on PC and it's the right game to move it to Switch. Sometimes when I want to relax, I go in and play for 20 minutes, the game is simple and easy. A lot of fun with mods and frames, you create your own frames with unique properties (at the beginning). Because at the highest levels, all builds are similar. The only thing I would like to wish for would be to get more platinum, so far the only way to have more platinum in Warframe - is to buy.

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    This news is a few days old now but I need to post for emphasis!

    Made by the devs of the excellent Shadow Tactics.
    Meanwhile, Kalypso have bought the rights to Commandos. Good times for fans of the genre.

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    A week ago, SNK started teasing... something. We'll know today:

    Maybe a new Samurai Shodown?

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    I ****ing squealed when I saw Samurai Shodown. Love the japanese art style/sf4. I hope this game still has those critical hard slashes that could take down half a health bar for being too button mashy.

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    Man all these classic console games getting ports to PC..... Would it be considered too "master pc race"-y if I said we're getting all the love lately? But then again it is also coming out on PS4....

    Anyway this is one of those games I have always heard stories about, and saw little of in Project X Zone 2. Also in a few Sanity not Included skits. Can't wait to see what it's like.

    While on the subject of old classics coming back with HD ports, I wish they would bring Drakengard 3 and Nier to current gen and PC.

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    Warframe got bored with me a bit, when I started it I did not know that this game requires so much time. At Warframe you have to spend hundreds of hours or buy platinum - it does not make sense.

    I started playing the new Tomb Raider, so far I do not feel any WOW, but the game is very nice and runs smoothly.

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