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Thread: NAG LAN CT

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    Hi, if your keyboard can only be powered by a 2pin adapter will you not be allowed in or?

    Urgent response would be appreciated

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    Sup guys, ive got a problem. my laptop charger power point can't be seperated from the transformer and i cant find a way to connect my charger to the flat-earth plug.

    this is really a big problem and i would appreciate any help.

    here is my charger:

    Edit: would it work if I used a lead with one socket?
    The plug would be replaced with a red flat-earth and then i could just plug in my two pin adapter in the one socket. Would they allow this?
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    Hi guys !

    Happy 2017 !

    Question 1 - when is the Cape Town rAge NAG LAN March 2017 scheduled for (i.e. the exact dates)?

    Question 2 - when do the Cape Town rAge NAG LAN March 2017 ticket sales become available and where can we buy them (Computicket or...?)

    Thanks !

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