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Thread: Freedom Planet 2 - Thread of Sonic Dragons, Kung-Fu Cats. and Psychic Dogs

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    Default Freedom Planet 2 - Thread of Sonic Dragons, Kung-Fu Cats. and Psychic Dogs

    So most of you probably don't know it yet, but Freedom Planet 2 is on the way and it looks spectacular.

    What the hell is Freedom Planet I hear you ask? It was a kickstarter game that happened a few years ago and was the best love letter to Sonic/Rocket Knight and the 16-32bit Genesis/32X console generation that ever happened. I still play this game today and it is amazing fun with loads of features, A story that while not mind blowing is pretty good for a saturday morning cartoon style and most importantly, the gameplay and soundtrack. Ooooooh those was simply orgasmic!

    Just as an educational side note, the first game was supposed to be a Sonic fan game, but of course Sega being the buzzkills that they are, made the pull the plug. So the creators (mostly artists from Deviantart) decided to change direction of the game and make it a kickstarter project. And the results were damn amazing.

    Seriously if any of you were fans of the good old Sonic or Sega Genesis days please show your support and check out the first game. Last year it was included in quite a few bundles as well so I'm sure the price must have dropped quite a lot recently.
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