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Thread: The Crystal Ball: South Africa, the World & 2017

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    Default The Crystal Ball: South Africa, the World & 2017

    Thought it would be interesting to start the new year out by making a few predictions for the year in Jan. (This is not limited to only SA)

    There really is no limit here- fire away, let's see what we all think of the next 11 months.

    My Predictions:

    A New rugby coach will be appointed, or plans will be made for the beginnings of his replacement.

    The Ruling party will suffer a huge leadership setback that will shock the nation.

    SA Cricket will rise to no 1.

    Several International awards will be awarded to South African's.

    Space Ex will begin plans for paid trips to the moon.

    Trump's first year of presidency will be riddled with various conflicts and economic issues for SA.

    That is it from me for now.

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    Default Re: The Crystal Ball: South Africa, the World & 2017

    I think ANC will still win no matter what. If Trump becoming president has shown us one thing: The world will always be racist. But if they can just get rid of Zuma and the current cabinet.....
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