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    First off, I am a huge fan of all the Total War titles, which started with ROME.

    If you have never played a total war title before, or heard of Warhammer you are in for a treat.

    Just a heads up if you are looking at this title, it is a steam game that utilizes the total war app and the two do work together nicely. So far I have not encountered any rogue updates after doing patches through steam, which is a bonus.

    Right, so total war is all about the way in which battles are fought. You are in control of up to 20 units each with their own strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to either micromanage each unit in combat and maneuver or to simply make a wall of shields and spears and let your missile units do the rest. With total war, it is not as simple.

    From all the other TW titles, the game has focused on human history and our arsenal. The craziest expansion for me was Napoleon and the introduction of naval warfare. With TW: Warhammer, we now have flying units and monsters, which has turned the game on its head.

    So, impressions.

    A very good looking game on ultra. I must warn against huge battles as it does affect performance, changing a few settings to high or medium is enough to guarantee smooth play. With any TW game, this has been an issue as they game is very memory and GPU heavy.

    Battles are amazing, each faction bringing their own flavor, which is a breath of fresh air from some of the other games. All the battles are timed which gets things moving a lot quicker.

    Siege is by far my most favorite, the devs really have gone all out on the designs of the various strongholds and cities. Plus, from the get go, the attackers are in range of the wall defences, meaning things get moving quickly. Siege has several modes, the most common of which is capture and hold and complete obliteration or timed. What really makes this mode fun is the use of monsters, some can fly over the walls and harass the defenders as equipment creeps closer. Heroes are more badass than ever, each with a set of abilities and unique mounts and items. The mounts make a massive difference in this game, however, they have removed the leader unit which would accompany a general.

    When it comes to Warhammer, they love their items and benefits. Something they have carried since the new DoW titles, but it fits just the same.

    The custom battles are always fun and you can set it up so you face hordes of zombies from the walls or even an army of giants versus all forms of artillery, either way, tons of fun to be had there.


    TW has always been a jam by itself and it is even better with a friend. Warhammer matches are made quick, some are over in less than twenty minutes. I can definitely recommend the multiplayer side of this game, but make sure you learn the basics of troop purchase and deployment before giving it a serious go, there can be some very salty players in this community.

    Single Player:

    This is a good way to learn about turn based gameplay, but be warned it is very confusing at first and will take some time to learn this. One thing TW has always been good at is this, however, Warhammer has taken it a step further, removing the adjustable tax per settlement option and if you have ever played any TW campaign, you can see where this will cause problems. The reason for this is the folks at games workshop love their leader hierarchies, research and more. So you can see why they took some features away.

    The campaign at first is a mish-mash of shiny icons, an old man shouting tips at you and trial and error. I started out as the empire because they are decent all rounders and a good faction to learn with. Stay away from Greenskins for the time being as they can be confusing, but who am I to judge.

    During the start of the campaign, you will be held back quite a bit until you achieve certain goals and complete objectives. The first 20 - 30 turns are fairly generic up until you capture a few settlements, then you learn about some of the negatives brought on by chaos and other annoying grievances.

    Overall Pros:

    Good looking game when in combat
    Adjustable options that actually make a difference
    Amazing battles with more quest content
    Good demo recording and export
    Amazing maps and units
    Some free DLC units at the start

    Some Cons:

    It is set at a hefty R 599.00 on Steam (They do have sales occasionally)
    An incomplete game- not all the factions are included, you have to buy these (Including Chaos)
    Blood and Gore has been turned into a DLC which you have to buy. A tad annoying for something that should just be a check in a settings box.
    Slow load times for new campaigns
    Lag caused by armies to big, which will get addressed in time
    Mixed feedback from the community


    A really fun turn based game that will keep you busy for hours. The downloadable content offers some variation, so take advantage of sales. Doubt it will be big enough here to really build a community.

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