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Thread: Google Tricks (Chrome)

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    Pretty sure most of us are using Google Chrome. I have come across some useful tricks and I am sure there are plenty of others out there.

    My first one is the following:

    How to convert a document to Word (Docx.) or PDF without having to find a free app or use a sketchy website.

    1. Make a google account (If you do not have one already)
    2. Proceed to google drive
    3. Create a new document
    4. Copy paste your text onto it
    5. Go File, Download as and select your prefered Doc type.

    Cloud Storage:

    Dropbox and iCloud are great for what they are, however they usually max out at roughly 2 - 5 gigs free, then it's subscription based from there if you want more space. With Google, you get 15 gigs worth of storage space to use for just about anything, plus you can access it anywhere provided you have your google info. There is also a google drive app for your pc so you can have a copy of everything close to home.

    Slow Chrome?

    1. Go to your menu tab on the top right
    2. Go settings, scroll to the bottom and select 'Show advanced Settings'
    3. Deselect 'Use Hardware Acceleration' or select it based on your systems performance

    Also try clearing your Cache.

    Return to your menu and look at all your extensions. Make sure you do not have to many installed as this can cause crashes.

    Re-installing Chrome:

    Exactly what you think it means. Sometimes this helps with pesky glitches.

    Avoid Moving Wallpapers.

    Some useful Extensions that I personally use:

    1. Rapport -> For online banking Security
    2. The 360 Security Extension -> For website protection
    3. Google Drive Extension -> For seamless uploading and quick access
    4. Better Battlelog -> Helpful for navigating EA's already slow online lobby.
    5. AdBlock -> Stops those pesky pop up ads.
    6. RefMe -> Helps researchers, automatically formats an annotation for you.
    7. Blur -> Stops tracking companies reporting on my website activity, it also comes with an account safe to remember your passwords and such, whilst keeping it safe.

    That is it for now.

    Ciao <3

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    Default Re: Google Tricks (Chrome)

    Ctrl + Shft + N = Definitely helps when searching for plane tickets or hotels. I have seen how they random raise prices if they see you keep looking at the flights etc.

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    Incognito ftw.

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    Above and beyond all of this, Chrome is definitely the best browser. I was actually reading the other day on this site that Chrome 56 also labels unsafe websites. Not a tip or trick, but it's super handy for avoiding dodgy websites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L-Dog View Post
    Ctrl + Shft + N = Definitely helps when searching for plane tickets or hotels. I have seen how they random raise prices if they see you keep looking at the flights etc.
    Don't see how incognito will stop this. Traffic will still be reported from your IP address. All incognito does is not save the activity to your local browsing history. If you truly want to avoid this, you have to use a VPN.

    CTRL + SHIFT + T opens the last closed tab that you had. I've found this surprisingly handy.

    Also, Google is apparently working on their own version of an ad blocker that will be built into Chrome. The idea being that it will block annoying ads such as pop-ups, auto play videos, etc but will still let through normal ads.

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