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Thread: Free to Play - South Africa (2017)

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    Default Free to Play - South Africa (2017)

    We are back with the 2017 thread and there are heaps coming our way.

    First one I want to mention is 'CROSSOUT'

    It's like Robocraft, but for people with money to afford the GPU needed to really appreciate it.

    So basically you begin with a basic build and as you play you get rewards and credits to buy cosmetics and other enhancements that range from armour, speed and weapon damage.

    There is a bunch of games modes, but the game is still in closed Beta.

    If you want to try and sneak in -> is the place to go.

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    Default Re: Free to Play - South Africa (2017)

    Here is a weird one.


    Not a huge fan of 3rd person shooters, but this does have some cool features. Looks like you gather materials from structures in the world. These materials are used to fix, build and repair in order to defend, reach and enclose objectives.

    Looks like a TF2 meets 3rd person meets mine craft that meets zombie or something to that extent.

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