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Thread: Backlog 2017

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    Default Backlog 2017

    I'm still working through a backlog starting from several console generations back, but 2017 seems to be offering no respite!

    We've already seen releases of great AAA games: Nioh, Yakuza 0, Resident Evil VII, For Honor, Gravity Rush 2 etc.
    On the horizon: Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier, Mass Effect Andromeda, Zelda BoTW, Nintendo Switch console and much more.
    Hell, even AMD's Ryzen CPU is rumoured for an early March release.

    How are you managing your backlog? I'm generally okay with it building up as I have limited time to play games, but the fear of missing out is real.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    I managed to finish GTAV during the weekend as I have had the game for ages but I am currently tackling them 1 by 1. Next up on the chopping block for me is Septerra Core and Shadow of Middle Earth. Also 2 games I have had for ages but I want to commit to finish them.

    The Switch though I'm going to put off until some more games are released for it. Not the biggest Mario and Zelda fan, although Breath of the Wild looks awesome I'm going to wait a bit before buying it.

    Then I still have Resident Evil 7, for which I'm waiting for all DLC. Nioh, have been playing it a tiny bit but really want to commit to it and Witcher 3.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    Trying to not buy anything until I at least try all of the games I have. Currently that's Hotline Miami 2 and Transistor.

    Although if RE7 gets Vive support I'm pulling the trigger. I want to **** my pants.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    Don't have much to play. Just finished Nioh and continued to play into NG+ and do some co-op with people to check out that side of the game.

    Going back to Tales of Berseria so I can finish off my review for it, have about 10 hours left so should have that done before Horizon releases. Should be able to finish off Horizon in time for Nier. Might play Berserk this week if it actually releases in time. Other than that I don't know what games are out after Nier that I will be playing so I might pick up Yakuza 0 end of March.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    My backlog is getting bigger, and I don't just mean the games I am collecting. I have quite a few games I fully intend(ed) to play, but haven't been able to make time for. There have been numerous specials the last few months, and most times a game I want would come up. I would then play it for a bit, but go back to one of the older titles I am still playing. I have to either stick to some rules in my backlog or stop buying games for a while, and the latter will probably never happen.

    I have to add that I have at least finished some over the last few months; Last of Us, Titanfall 2 and indies like Oxenfree.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    I cleared a lot of my backlog was rather successful last year. I managed to clear 37 games off of my backlog last year including all of my Xbox 360 games and I only bought one game last year so I would call it a win.

    I have however recently bought a PS4 pro so I am starting to fill out a little library for that but it is still on the back burner while I try and finish up all of my PS3 games which currently stands at 53 games.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    Still playing through Dying light, will start the following after that. The Witcher 3 expansions are next as well as AOE 2.Ive got a lot of games I want to play but time/money is making it difficult. In all honesty my backlog consists of 0 current games its all games that either came out last year or many years prior

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    I have a weird very weird. So like I'll buy a game play through it halfway and then just lose the will to play the game even though i love it. My poor Dishonored 2 has been sitting on the shelf for a very long time now. i just don't know what happens to me. ecsdee

    I donno if anyone can relate?

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    That's not weird at all. I promise you that happens to most people, if not everyone.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    Yup, totally agree. Funny enough same thing with Dishonored 2 actually. I don't think its purely loss of interest, its more the crow effect if you ask me. Something new and shiny comes along.

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    Default Re: Backlog 2017

    And 2016 was full of good ones too, so it's not surprising if you forgot about a game to move on to a new one.

    Except Doom though, everything else got neglected after that launched. For me anyway.

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